A State of Survival Gameplay Guide to Help You Understand the Game

Are you wondering what the State of Survival gameplay is like? Our guide provides a clear walkthrough to help you manage your survival effectively.

State of Survival on now.gg brings you right into the action of this popular mobile strategy game. You don’t need a fancy setup to enter its world, where you strategize to survive a relentless zombie apocalypse.

The game challenges you to build, grow, and protect your settlement from hordes of zombies and rival players alike. It’s all about making the right moves and teaming up with others to enhance your chances of survival. 

Plus, playing State of Survival gameplay on PC through now.gg means no downloads, letting you start your adventure on any device, anytime. Ready to see if you can outlast the zombies and other survivors?

How to Start Playing State of Survival

Starting your State of Survival Zombie War gameplay on now.gg is simple and quick. First, go to now.gg, find State of Survival, and click to play. You’ll be playing directly from your browser, so there’s no need to download anything. Every gamer can play online for free and on any device!

Once the game loads set up your account by following the prompts. It’s simple – just enter your details, and you’re good to go. Next, choosing the right state is crucial. Each state in the game represents a different server or game world.

Picking a newer state means you’ll be playing with and against others who are just starting out, too, giving you a fair start. A fresh state also means less competition for resources and space, setting you up for a better chance to thrive.

Tip: Opt for the newest state available to maximize your growth potential in the game.

Understanding the Basics of Gameplay

State of Survival gameplay

The State of Survival gameplay on PC and mobile is all about survival and strategy. Your main goal is to build and expand a base that keeps you safe from zombies and other players.

You start with a small encampment and gradually turn it into a fortified settlement by upgrading buildings and managing resources. The game interface is your command center. Here, you’ll find menus that let you access different parts of the game, like your inventory, mission list, and settings.

The main screen shows your base, where you can directly interact with your buildings and troops. It’s designed to be intuitive, so you’ll be strategizing like a pro in no time. Everything you need is just a few clicks away, making it easy to get into the action or plan your next big move.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the main menu early on to streamline your gameplay and make quicker decisions.

Building and Managing Your Base

Building and Managing Your Base

In this strategy game, your headquarters is the heart of your base. It’s where you’ll manage resources and plan your survival strategy. Upgrading your HQ unlocks new structures and upgrades for other buildings. 

Besides the HQ, resource structures like farms and lumberyards are crucial. These buildings will provide the food and wood you need to keep everything running smoothly. Effective resource management means balancing the growth of your infrastructure with the expansion of your storage capabilities.

Always ensure you have enough resources for critical upgrades and daily tasks. Keep an eye on your resource levels and plan upgrades when you can maximize production boosts without stalling other development areas.

Tip: Prioritize upgrading your headquarters and resource buildings to ensure steady growth of your base and maintain adequate supplies for your survival needs.

Engaging in Combat

Engaging in Combat

Fighting zombies and other players is a core part of State of Survival gameplay. When battling zombies, use your heroes wisely. Each hero has unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

Positioning them strategically can enhance your defense and offensive capabilities. For PvP battles, the key is preparation and timing. Scout enemy bases before attacking and choose your battles based on your current strength and resource needs.

Building a strong defense is just as crucial as having a formidable offense. Make sure your base is well-fortified to withstand attacks from other players. Use traps and strategic building placements to protect valuable resources and essential structures.

Tip: Always scout both zombie hordes and player bases before engaging to tailor your strategy to the specific threats and defenses you will face.

Joining and Benefiting from Alliances

In this zombie game, joining an alliance can really boost your progress. Being part of an alliance means you get help with construction and research, speeding up your development significantly.

Members can assist each other, reducing the time it takes to build and upgrade structures. Alliances also engage in cooperative tasks such as alliance missions and wars against other groups, which not only bring everyone closer but also provide rewards that benefit all members.

These rewards often include resources, boosts, and exclusive items not easily obtained solo. Also, being in an alliance offers protection; members can defend each other from attacks, making it harder for outsiders to target individual bases.

Tip: Join an active alliance as soon as you can to benefit from group support and shared resources, which can enhance your State of Survival gameplay on PC.

Advancing Through the Game

Advancing Through the Game

As you progress in State of Survival, leveling up your buildings and researching new technologies is crucial. Upgrades increase your base’s capabilities and unlock new options to enhance your State of Survival Zombie War gameplay. 

Expanding your territory is also essential as it allows you to access more resources and strategic advantages. Claim new land by clearing out zombie infestations and fortifying your positions to keep rivals at bay.

This expansion not only increases your influence within the game but also secures vital resources needed for further growth and survival.

Tip: Focus on strategic upgrades and expand your territory wisely to maintain a competitive edge in State of Survival.


In State of Survival, strategic gameplay is everything. Whether you’re building your base, fighting zombies, or competing with other players, every decision counts.

Planning and teamwork, especially within alliances, can significantly boost your survival chances. If you’re looking for an engaging strategy game that you can play from anywhere, State of Survival on now.gg is your best bet.

You can play for free directly from your browser on any device – PC or mobile. Experience the thrill of surviving a zombie apocalypse without any downloads or installations. Check it out on now.gg and see how you fare in this gripping game.