PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Beginner's Guide for New Players | 2024

Learn how to win more battles with our PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Beginner's Guide. Get top tips for survival, weapons, and combat to enhance your gameplay.

Jump into the thrilling battlefield of PUBG Mobile: Aftermath with and experience an entirely different battle royale challenge. This guide offers all you need to know to deal with the harsh terrain and intense battles of the Aftermath map.

Whether you’re new to PUBG Mobile or looking to sharpen your skills, the Aftermath map presents a unique landscape of challenges and opportunities. From volcanic ashes to strategic hideouts, learning this map can be a game-changer.

Ready to take on the challenge? Our PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Beginner’s Guide is here to lead the way. Join us, and let’s conquer the Aftermath together!

What Is the Aftermath Map?

Unlike the typical battlegrounds, Aftermath introduces a smaller, more intense setting with unique environmental changes that can impact your gameplay strategy.

Unique Terrain and Features

Aftermath, changed by a volcanic eruption, strips away dense foliage to reveal a barren, ashy terrain. This dramatic shift in scenery not only affects visibility but also changes how you deal with and engage with enemies.

With fewer places to hide, you must calculate each move more carefully than on lush maps like Erangel or Sanhok.

Strategic Elements

This map is notably smaller than others, which makes players focus more on faster and more frequent battles. The addition of destroyed buildings and molten areas provides new hiding spots and sniper vantage points, requiring quick thinking and rapid adaptability.

Also, the AC Core Module – a unique feature to Aftermath – improves weapon stability and aiming speed, allowing for a different combat dynamic than found on other maps.

Playing on enhances this experience, allowing you to play for free, with no download required. Whether on PC or mobile, you can dive into the action instantly and experience the distinct challenges of Aftermath.

A quick tip: Remember, visibility on Aftermath is high, and cover is scarce. Move swiftly and stay alert to survive in this exposed environment.

Getting Started with Aftermath

Jumping into the Aftermath map on PUBG Mobile can be thrilling, but a few tips can make your start smoother. Here’s how to set yourself up for success.

Choosing the Right Game Mode

The Aftermath map is intense, with its quick-paced battles due to its smaller size. Before diving in, pick a game mode that suits your play style.

Whether you prefer going solo or teaming up in duos or squads, each mode offers different challenges and opportunities. For beginners, teaming up might provide better chances as you can rely on teammates for support and revival.

Character Setup Tips

Setting up your character with the right gear is crucial. Start with basic armor and a helmet to increase your chances of survival during early skirmishes. As you explore the map, upgrade your equipment by looting or visiting supply drops, which are more frequent here.

Don’t forget to customize your controls and sensitivity settings as well. This can make a big difference in how you handle weapons and react during fights.

Trying out different setups and strategies is easy on, where you can play PUBG Mobile for free, with no downloads needed. It’s perfect for testing out what works best without committing to a full install on your device.

A quick tip: Always check your gear before heading into battle. Even the basic equipment can turn the tide of an early fight on the Aftermath map.

Essential Survival Tips for Aftermath

Navigating the Aftermath map in PUBG Mobile requires a good mix of caution and aggression. Here’s how you can improve your survival rate on this challenging battleground.

Learning the Map

First up, get familiar with the map. Aftermath’s environment is drastically different due to its post-volcanic setting. The terrain is open with fewer hiding spots, so a good movement strategy is extremely important.

Spend some time in practice mode to learn the layout – this includes identifying potential sniper nests and commonly frequented areas.

Strategic Navigation

Since the map is smaller, you’ll encounter enemies more often. Always keep an eye on the minimap for enemy movements and gunshot indicators.

Stick to the edges of the play zone to minimize the number of angles from which you can be attacked. When you need to move across open areas, use smokescreens to cover your tracks.

Key Locations for Loot

Some spots are better for looting than others. The central area is usually rich with high-quality loot but is also a hotspot for early confrontations.

If you’re looking for a safer start, aim for the outskirts and work your way inward as you gear up. The burnt-out vehicles and collapsed structures often contain valuable items.

Areas to Avoid or Target

Avoid open fields unless necessary, as the lack of cover can be deadly. Instead, target areas with debris and rocky outcrops for cover. These spots offer good visibility when approaching enemies while providing some protection.

A quick tip: Always stay on the move. A stationary target is an easy target in Aftermath. Use quick dashes and unpredictable movement patterns to keep your enemies guessing.

Combat and Weapons on the Aftermath Map

Learning how to win battles in PUBG Mobile: Aftermath starts with knowing which weapons work best in its unique landscape.

In the open and often barren fields of Aftermath, long-range weapons are your best friends. Sniper rifles like the M24 or Kar98k, coupled with a good scope, can make a big difference.

For closer encounters, consider high-rate fire weapons such as the M416 or UMP45, which allow for quick, controlled bursts. Always grab a helmet and vest for extra protection since the cover can be sparse.

Finding Weapons

You’ll typically find better weapons in high-risk zones like the central areas. However, if you’re starting, try looting smaller, less contested buildings along the map’s edge. These spots can still offer some decent gear without the immediate high-stakes combat of central locations.

Combat Tactics

The terrain here doesn’t forgive much. Always use the natural contours of the land for cover, and avoid running across open areas unless absolutely necessary.

Use the heightened visibility to your advantage by keeping enemies at a distance where your long-range weapons are most effective. When in close combat, move quickly from cover to cover, and always be wary of ambushes in buildings.

A quick tip: Keep your engagements at a distance whenever possible, and prioritize acquiring scopes early in the game to improve your tactical advantage in Aftermath. You can also use this tip in other tactical shooter games.

Final Thoughts

Jumping into the Aftermath map on PUBG Mobile offers a blend of excitement and challenge that’s hard to beat. If you’re new to the game or looking to get better, using this PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Beginner’s Guide is a great start.

Explore every corner of the Aftermath map, learn your strategies, and soon, you’ll be racking up those wins. So why wait? Start your adventure today and see how far you can go!

For a hassle-free experience, check it out on, where you can play for free, without any downloads, and on any device you choose.