Now. gg Mobile Game Modding: How to Create your Own Mod

Learn how to use the Creator Studio and Creator Hub in as you dive into the world of mobile game modding

It has become increasingly difficult for developers to tailor their games to suit the needs of all their anticipated users. However, the concept of modding has allowed the inculcation of those users into the natural gaming habitat.

Mobile Game Modding refers to the concept of being able to create and alter filters, effects and even 2D or 3D cosmetics and designs in the world of mobile games. Powered by’s Cloud platform, Mobile Game Modding enables users to stamp their own identity onto certain facets of the game in a hassle-free manner. has two main features that cater to the world of Mobile Game Modding – Creator Studio and Creator Hub. Creator Studio is where users weave their magic wand and gain access to alter the said effects and subsequently, save it to run that mod afterward. Creator Hub gives users an insight into the mods created by other creators in the community while also allowing them to share their own modded versions of games. In essence, Creator Hub could be referred to as the Community Marketplace for Mobile Game Mods on

How to create a Mod with the help of Creator Studio

  1. Go to 

  2. Click on Creator Studio and select the ‘Create a Mod’ option

  1. Choose from the effects available and click on the ‘Save’ option

  1. Your Mod has been created and is ready to be played and/or shared.

  2. You can share the mod by just clicking on the ‘Share a Mod’ icon and copying the link before sending the same to your friends or posting it on social media platforms.

Users can use the Creator Studio to apply effects such as the background color of a game, which in essence acts as a background skin and/or alter the effects for in-game events such as the Victory screen, the Defeat Screen, the Level-Up Screen, and more. 

How to Create and Upload Your Own Effects

On a few occasions, you might not find the perfect fit in terms of the effects that you want to add to your modded version of the game. In those cases, also allows you to add your own customized effects in a few easy steps.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Creator Studio and select the ‘Create a Mod’ option for the said game.

  3. Click on the ‘+’ sign available in the list of effects. 

  1. Choose between uploading your own effect or finding the desired effect by searching the GIF in Giphy.

  1. Choose a name, the desired thumbnail for the effect and add any sound effects you want to your customized effect.

  1. Click on ‘Confirm’ once done to save your custom effect on and use it to mod your favorite games.

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