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Top 5 Shooting Games to Play for Free Online

Lock, load, and Shoot! Check out these 5 shooting games that deliver on the FPS dream you’ve been looking for.

Looking for some heart-thumping FPS action on your mobile? Well, look no further than this specially curated list of the top 5 shooting games to enjoy with your friends online! Mobile games have come a long way since their inception and their popularity/graphics are now matching AAA PC/Console titles. In this article, we will be presenting some of the best shooter FPS games available to play for free online. Let’s get right to it! 

How Have The Games Been Selected?

These five best shooting games are selected online based on popularity, gameplay, graphics, and replayability. 

Here are the top 10 basketball games online:

  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • PUBG mobile
  • Arena Breakout: Realistic FPS
  • Standoff 2


Any FPS gaming list would be incomplete without the mention of Fortnite. The first-person shooter has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide, breaking several records on the go. Whether it be giving rise to popular streamers such as Ninja or hosting in-game concerts with Taylor Swift, Fortnite has gained a lot of notoriety. Pick up your guns, customize them to the core, and start shooting. The gameplay is as simple as that. The game combines aspects of building along with your usual shooting, giving rise to competitive streaks between the top players who can dodge and build at the same time. If you’re someone who likes to chill with friends online without being overly competitive, then Fortnite would be a great pick.

Play FORTNITE Online


Call of Duty series has been a fan-favourite among FPS enthusiasts. The mobile version, aptly titled “Call of Duty: Mobile” brings the same adrenaline-rushing first-person shooter experience right on your mobile devices. Equipped with mesmerizing graphics and multiple game modes, the game has garnered a strong player base of tens of millions. It is widely considered as one of the best-looking FPS games for mobile, thanks to being built on the Unity engine. With over 200 guns to choose from and multiple alternate skins, customization is limitless!



PUBG had sparked a global phenomenon when it first launched in 2017. Giving rise to many mainstream streamers and YouTubers along with a billion-dollar mobile FPS industry, PUBG is a name that everyone remembers. The concept of a Battle Royale is quite simple. You are dropped on a large map along with 99 other players. Players find, kill, and loot each other in the quest to remain till last. The circle shortens over time, giving rise to more thematic encounters with each other and more shootouts. As the map shrinks, players need to rush inside to the safe zone or they will take prolonged continuous damage and eventually die. Make use of tactical loot mapping to reap the benefits of airdrops that happen every now and then. In short, it’s a fun-filled 20–30 minute round of heart-throbbing action amplified by thematic soothing music.

Play PUBG MOBILE online


Arena Breakout is a modern FPS shooter that brings a thematic loot and hunt style of gameplay for users. MoreFun Studios, a Tencent game studio, created it. In an open world, players must hunt for loot and fight monsters. Most Battle Royale games require you to be the last player standing. In Arena Breakout, get as much loot to the extraction points as possible. Fans of the PC game Escape from Tarkov will understand these. We do think that it boasts immersive graphics and a spectacular scope system but the game has not gained much popularity compared to the likes of PUBG and COD: Mobile.



Counter-Strike transformed video games in the 2000s. Even though a large number of mobile players wanted to play old-school Counter-Strike, the game was never ported for mobile devices. Do not fear as we have Axlebolt’s Standoff 2. Of the thousands of Android counter-strike clones, only Standoff 2 did it correctly. The FPS experience is what makes Counter-Strike so enjoyable, and Axlebolt has it. Standoff 2 is a Counter-Strike clone, but the Axlebolt developers made excellent mobile gaming improvements.  

Play STANDOFF 2 online

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