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Gacha RPGs like AFK Arena have been causing massive waves in the mobile gaming community, mostly due to their simplistic and fun mechanics, combined with the collectible aspects where players can unlock a variety of unique characters with different stats and skills, both for using them in combat, as well as for the completionist part. And while most games in the genre share this aspect in common, they also offer similar combat mechanics and gameplay loops, which often revolve around completing daily missions and progressively making their way through the main campaign, in order to unlock everything they have to offer.

These tight gameplay loops make games like AFK Arena ideal for playing in sporadic sessions several times throughout the day, as opposed to sitting down for longer play times, which makes it an excellent game to be enjoyed on is the world’s first and largest mobile cloud, in which players can enjoy their favorite mobile games on any device, including tablets, phones, and even PC, by streaming it from the cloud through their web browsers. By clicking on a game’s link, you can get instant access to all its awesomeness, with no downloads, installs, or updates required, and with the best possible graphics and performance, since all the heavy lifting is done server-side and you’re accessing only a streaming version of the gameplay. Plus, due to our distributed Android architecture that relies on edge computing, you can enjoy near-lagless gameplay no matter where you are on the planet, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Playing AFK Arena on the Cloud With

In order to access AFK Arena on the cloud, you simply need to click on the link or ad whenever you come across it while browsing. Alternatively, you may also click the following link to play AFK Arena.

Once you click on the link, you’ll notice that your game will instantly launch in a new browser tab, and will begin immediately with no loading screens. This is because we always keep the games updated server-side, which means that you’ll never have to manually download, install, or update anything. Just one click and you’re ready to begin.

When it comes to gacha games like AFK Arena, there are many benefits and advantages that you can get when playing them on, including the following:

  • Quickly and Easily Clear Daily and Weekly Missions

Games like AFK Arena often have very short gameplay loops that consist mostly of completing the same daily tasks in order to build up activity points, and then trade them in for valuable rewards. If you’re a committed player, then these daily and weekly tasks are the bare minima of what you will need to complete regularly, at least if you want to make steady progress and get a constant supply of materials to unlock and upgrade new characters.

By playing AFK Arena on the cloud, you can get quick access to the game with a single click, and proceed to complete these daily missions in record time. Since loading screens are very short and performance is silky smooth when playing on the cloud, you can probably wrap up these tasks in a few minutes, and then have the rest of the session left to explore other features, or close the game until next time.

  • Reroll Faster and More Effectively

Like in many other gacha games, rerolling is an important part of AFK Arena, at least if you’re interested in unlocking powerful characters from the very beginning to get a good start. And while it isn’t strictly necessary, rerolling can make your first few chapters much, much easier, as some characters can breeze through the first stages with no issue. 


Players who often reroll in games will benefit immensely from attempting it on This is because, while our platform can’t magically increase the odds of getting good characters in every pull, it lets you reroll much faster since you don’t have to switch servers, create new accounts, delete the game’s data, or anything of the sort. If you don’t get the characters you want from the initial summonings, simply close the browser tab, clear your cookies, and run the game once again. With these easy steps, you can reset your game and start over without missing a beat.

  • Play Anywhere and Everywhere

One of the stronger points of is that it’s platform-agnostic. This means that you can play it on any compatible device. Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, or a PC, you can enjoy AFK Arena on any of these devices without restrictions. Furthermore, since you can link your account with Google Play or other services, you can also synchronize it on all your devices, which means that you can progress your game regardless of the platform in which you’re playing it.

Whether you’re at home on your PC or tablet, or out and about on your phone, you can enjoy AFK Arena on via the mobile cloud with only a single click.

  • Purchases Services With Ease and With a Wide Variety of Payment Methods

Despite being f2p-friendly, AFK Arena gives players the option to purchase in-app services designed to give them a slight boost. However, if you’re playing on your phone via the regular method, and want to invest a bit of cash in your game, you’re restricted to the payment methods accepted by the storefront, which can be quite prohibitive.

Fortunately, if you’re playing on, our platform has a large variety of accepted payment methods, which can be quite convenient whenever you’re looking to invest. We take numerous digital wallets, as well as cryptocurrency. And if you’re a game developer, you might be pleased to know that our platform gives you a larger margin of profit for every sale, compared to our competitors.

There are many reasons for which you’d want to play AFK Arena on the mobile cloud. Whether you’re looking for the shortest loading times, the best performance, or the ability to enjoy your favorite mobile games without taking up valuable storage space on your phone, our platform has something to offer everyone.

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