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Upgrade Games are aimed at enhancing and evolving gameplay. Among the games are titles like Run 3, a fast-paced running game set in space where players upgrade their abilities to navigate through challenging levels. Learn to Fly offers a fun yet engaging experience as players upgrade their penguin’s equipment to achieve the goal of flight.


Swords & Souls provides an RPG experience where players train their hero, unlock new abilities, and upgrade equipment to battle enemies. Muscle Clicker 2 offers a twist with incremental gameplay, where players continuously upgrade their muscles and strength through simple clicks to achieve new milestones.


Racing Empire takes players into the world of competitive motorsport, where they manage and upgrade their racing team to compete in various tournaments and events. With strategic decisions and continuous upgrades, players can dominate the racing scene and claim victory.


Each game offers its upgrade system, allowing players to tailor their experience and progress according to their preferences.