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Find many games that let you control a monster. You may not be aware that they can also solve puzzles. Sure, you can terrorise people as you stomp through crowded city streets, but being a monster involves more than just wreaking havoc. You’ll have plenty of chances to astound everyone with your equally impressive intelligence. 


Play as a monster in many games who must answer questions and solve puzzles in order to advance. Do you prefer a little more action? You never know when you’ll have the chance to sprint through an obstacle course or score extremely well in an endless runner.


Fighting gruesome zombies and magical creatures, for instance, can be exciting and enjoyable. Monsters can take on a variety of shapes and forms; some are ugly and evil, while others are adorable and cuddly (believe it or not). There are many different game types that fall under the monster category, and this selection of games is unmatched. 


Do you have the fortitude to confront the demons of the Devil? In the depths of Hell, put your bravery to the ultimate test. Dark dungeons and haunted houses inhabited by evil spirits are also part of this monstrous collection of games.