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Join the wacky adventures of Henry Stickmin, a character who’s not afraid of a little trouble (or a lot of trouble!). Henry Stickmin games are all about making choices that lead Henry on crazy escapades.  Imagine being in control of Henry, helping him decide whether to escape from prison with a jetpack, steal a giant diamond with a wacky disguise, or even try to become the leader of a spaceship crew – all with just a few clicks!


These games are like interactive cartoons where you control the story.  You’ll see funny animations of Henry and other stick figure characters, and at key moments, the game will ask you to make a choice.  Will Henry try to sneak past the guards, or will he cause a big distraction?  Maybe he’ll disguise himself as a worker, or use a silly inflatable tube man to confuse everyone.  The choice is yours!


Each decision you make leads Henry down a different path in the story.  Some choices might lead him to success (like escaping with a bag full of loot!), while others might land him in even more trouble (like getting caught by the police!).  That’s the fun part – you never know what wacky situation Henry will end up in next!


The best part about playing on is that you can jump right into Henry’s adventures without needing to download anything.  Just pick a Henry Stickmin game, and you’re ready for some laughs and surprises!