Top 10 Anime AI Chatbot Apps for Fun and Interactive Conversations

Chat with an Anime AI Chatbot for fun, interactive conversations. Explore the top apps on to engage with your favorite anime character for free!

Anime AI chatbots let you chat with virtual characters like never before. These apps bring your favorite anime personalities to life, making conversations fun and exciting. Check out the best AI chatbots with characters available on and find the one that suits your style.

How We Selected the Top Anime AI Chatbots

We picked the best anime AI chatbots using these simple criteria:

  • Visuals/Graphics: How cool and real the characters look.
  • Gameplay: How good the interaction is and what features you get.
  • Rewards: Any fun bonuses or incentives to keep you engaged.
  • Controls: We assessed how easy the app is to use and navigate.
  • Characters: The variety and depth of the characters you can chat with.
  • Challenges: The different tasks or activities you can do in the app.
  • Playtime: How addictive and fun the app is over time.

These chatbots are simple to play online and work on any device. You can play for free on your PC, tablet, mobile, Chromebook, laptop, or iPad without downloading anything. It’s easy to jump in and start having fun with friends.

Tip: Try playing on to skip the downloads and get straight to the fun!

Here are the top 10 anime AI chatbots:

  1. Joyland: Chat with AI Character
  2. Anima: AI Friend & Companion
  3. Talkie: Soulful AI
  4. HiWaifu: AI Friend & Waifu Hub
  5. TruMate – Virtual AI Friend
  6. Kindroid: AI Companion Chat
  7. Hi.AI – Chat With AI Character
  8. EVA Character AI & AI Friend
  9. SpicyChat AI: Roleplay Chat
  10. Charstar: AI Character Chat

1. Joyland: Chat with AI Character

Developer: Generatively AI Studio

Tags: AI, Anime, Artificial intelligence, Dating

Rating: 4.52

Joyland is an anime AI chatbot that allows you to chat with lifelike anime characters. You create your own AI companions with unique looks and personalities.

Whether you want a friend or a romantic partner, Joyland offers engaging conversations. It’s a fun way to bring your favorite anime characters to life.

Tip: Customize your AI characters to make conversations even more interesting!

2. Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Developer: Apperry Ltd

Tags: AI, Artificial intelligence

Rating: 4.41

Anima is your AI friend and companion, always ready for a chat. It’s perfect for emotional support or just a friendly conversation.

With Anima, you get genuine interactions that feel real. You can play it for free and online on any device you have at the moment without downloading anything using

Tip: Anima is great for lifting your spirits anytime.

3. Talkie: Soulful AI

Developer: SUBSUP123

Tags: AI, Dating, Personalization, Unblocked

Rating: 4.35

Talkie provides a unique AI experience with its soulful and engaging interactions. This AI chatbot focuses on creating meaningful conversations that feel almost human.

It’s great for users who want more than just small talk. With Talkie, you can have deep, thoughtful chats and even roleplay different scenarios.

Tip: Personalize your Talkie for a unique chat experience!

4. HiWaifu: AI Friend & Waifu Hub


Tags: AI, Artificial intelligence, Social

Rating: 4.47

HiWaifu is an AI chatbot with characters you can create and interact with. It’s perfect for forming deep connections, whether as friends or more. The AI understands your emotions and responds with empathy, making every chat meaningful.

Tip: Design your perfect AI companion to suit your needs.

5. TruMate – Virtual AI Friend

Developer: AI Design Maps

Tags: AI

Rating: 4.53

TruMate is a virtual AI friend that offers emotional support and engaging conversations. It’s perfect for those looking for a reliable companion to chat with anytime.

This app uses advanced AI to understand and respond to your feelings, making each interaction feel real and comforting.

Tip: Try the voice chat feature for more engaging interactions.

6. Kindroid: AI Companion Chat

Developer: Kindroid

Tags: AI

Rating: 4.45

Kindroid is an anime AI chatbot that creates a realistic and engaging chat experience. You can shape your AI’s personality and engage in meaningful conversations.

Kindroid adapts to your style, whether you want to discuss news, roleplay, or simply have a fun chat.

Tip: Use Kindroid’s customization features to create a truly unique AI friend.

7. Hi.AI – Chat With AI Character

Developer: Hi.AI Studio

Tags: AI

Rating: 4.41

Hi.AI lets you chat with various AI characters, including celebrities and historical figures. You can also create your own digital friend with a unique personality.

This AI chatbot with characters offers a versatile and immersive chat experience that adapts to your needs, whether for casual chats or roleplay adventures.

Tip: Use the roleplay feature to create engaging stories with your AI characters.

8. EVA Character AI & AI Friend

Developer: Novi Limited

Tags: AI

Rating: 4.36

EVA Character AI is an anime AI chatbot that offers deep and empathetic conversations. You can customize your AI friend’s personality and looks to add a personal touch. This app is perfect for emotional support and engaging chats.

Whether you’re feeling down or just want someone to talk to, EVA is always ready to listen and provide thoughtful responses. The more you chat, the better EVA understands you, making each interaction more meaningful.

Tip: Spend time customizing your EVA for the best experience.

9. SpicyChat AI: Roleplay Chat

Developer: NextDay AI Incorporated

Tags: AI

Rating: 4.5

SpicyChat AI is an AI chatbot with characters designed for exciting roleplay chats. You can create your own characters or chat with over 150,000 unique chatbots. It’s a fun way to explore different scenarios and stories.

Whether you want a light-hearted conversation or a deep roleplay adventure, SpicyChat has something for everyone. This app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to jump into various roles and enjoy immersive conversations.

Tip: Jump into roleplay chats to explore new adventures.

10. Charstar: AI Character Chat

Developer: Charstar AI

Tags: AI, Art, Artificial Intelligence

Rating: 4.41

Charstar lets you chat and roleplay with AI characters inspired by your favorite shows. You can create realistic characters and enjoy engaging conversations with them.

The AI is advanced, making each chat feel natural and interactive. You can play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using

Whether you’re looking for casual chats or detailed roleplay, Charstar offers a unique and entertaining experience. Plus, you can share your unique creations with friends and join a community of other Charstar users.

Tip: Check out Charstar Plus for unlimited messaging and have a hassle-free experience on