Reverse: 1999 Tier List - Discover the Best and Worst Characters in the Game

Unlock the ultimate potential in Reverse: 1999 with our comprehensive character tier list. Find out which heroes to aim for and who to steer clear of for a winning start.

In the world of mobile gaming, Reverse: 1999 stands out as a shining example of visual excellence and captivating gameplay. Since its recent launch, players have been entranced by its stellar graphics and presentation. Now, imagine experiencing this masterpiece at its best, with top-tier graphics and performance, all without the need for installations or downloads. Thanks to’s mobile cloud gaming platform, this dream becomes a reality, allowing you to play Reverse: 1999 directly from your browser, free from lag or performance hiccups.

While Reverse: 1999 breaks new ground with its innovative approach to gameplay, it still retains the essence of a gacha RPG. As players embark on their journey, they’ll find themselves frequently immersed in the pursuit of in-game currency, all in the hopes of summoning top-tier characters. With a roster of over 60 characters, each visually appealing in their own right, discerning which ones are worth unlocking can be a daunting task. Luckily, you can toss these concerns aside, for in this Reverse: 1999 tier list, we will guide you through our carefully curated selection of characters to pursue and those to tread cautiously around. 

The Best Reverse:1999 Tier List

In the world of gacha RPGs, the path to power often revolves around summoning characters through various banners. Reverse: 1999 is no exception. It shares this core gameplay element with other popular titles in the genre, where players spend a significant portion of their time farming an in-game currency called “Clear Drops” to unlock characters that can turn the tide of battle. In this section, we’ll explore how Reverse: 1999 aligns with this familiar progression system before diving into the details of the banners themselves.

Gacha RPGs have a tried-and-true formula: players embark on quests, battles, and challenges to earn a special in-game currency used for summoning characters. Reverse: 1999 adheres to this tradition, immersing players in a world where their journey involves strategic battles and resource gathering. Whether you’re facing formidable foes or exploring intricate storylines, your primary goal remains the same: amass the currency needed to obtain powerful heroes.

With that being said, in Reverse: 1999, the path to victory is paved with the characters you summon, making the summoning system a vital aspect of your journey. Understanding the nuances of each summoning banner is crucial, as it can significantly impact your progress. Let’s delve into the two primary banners and their summoning rates:

“The First Drop of Rain” Banner

Designed as an entry point for newcomers, this banner offers a guaranteed 6-star unit after 30 pulls, providing an early boost to your roster. The banner permanently closes once this guarantee is fulfilled. Additionally, every 10 pulls ensure a 4-star or higher character, streamlining your path to power.

Banner Rates:

  • 6-star characters: 1.5%
  • 5-star characters: 8.5%
  • 4-star characters: 40%
  • 3-star characters: 45%
  • 2-star characters: 5%

“Amid the Water” Banner

Intriguingly, the “Amid the Water” banner offers a unique twist to the traditional gacha system. If, after 60 summons you haven’t obtained a 6-star character, the rate for 6-star characters increases to 4%. With each subsequent summoning, this chance rises by an additional 2.5%. However, the 70th summon guarantees a 6-star character, after which the rate reverts to 1.5%. If you manage to summon a 6-star character before reaching the 60th or 70th summon, the counter resets and players will once again have to perform 60 additional summonings in order to receive these passive boosts.

Banner Rates:

  • 6-star characters: 1.5%
  • 5-star characters: 8.5%
  • 4-star characters: 40%
  • 3-star characters: 45%
  • 2-star characters: 5%

Now, for those seeking a quick overview of our Reverse: 1999 tier list, we present a condensed version below. Dive deeper into the next section to discover why these characters belong to their respective tiers:

S Tier Heroes

Name Rank Afflatus Damage Type
Medicine Pocket 6-star Beast Mental
Leilani 3-star Beast Reality
Mondlicht 4-star Mineral Reality
Charlie 5-star Star Mental

A Tier Heroes

Name Rank Afflatus Type
Necrologist 5-star Mineral Mental
Satsuki 5-star Plant Mental
The Fool 3-star Star Mental
Twins Sleep 3-star Spirit Mental

B Tier Heroes

Name Rank Afflatus Type
Sonetto 5-star Mineral Reality
Sotheby 6-star Plant Reality
Regulus 6-star Star Mental
Nick Bottom 4-star Beast Mental

C Tier Heroes

Name Rank Afflatus Type
TTT 4-star Star Mental
Poltergeist 4-star Spirit Mental
ONiON 3-star Mineral Reality
Ms. Radio 2-star Spirit Mental

Now that we’ve highlighted our choices for the best and worst characters in Reverse: 1999, you can now make the best decisions when it comes to choosing the strongest characters in the game. However, since knowledge is power, we’ve also explored the unique strengths and weaknesses of every single hero featured on this list, in our Reverse: 1999 best heroes guide. If you want to learn why each character featured here has earned their spots on this list, feel free to check that guide out—the knowledge will also help you to put together your own tier lists in the future.

That’s it for our Reverse: 1999 tier list. Remember, however, that by playing this game on the mobile cloud with, you can not only enjoy the very best experience with this game, but you can also do so without any downloads or installations, by playing it directly on your web browser. Check it out today and see what all the hype is about!