Top 10 Among Us Type Games to Play Online for Free

Looking for fun Among Us type games? Check out these 10 exciting alternatives you can play for free online with friends, no download needed. Enjoy endless fun.

Online games are a hit among players of all ages. They’re fun, accessible, and perfect for playing with friends on any device. Here, we explore 10 exciting games similar to Among Us that you can enjoy and play online for free without downloading on

How Do We Select the Top Online Games?

We selected these games by looking at their graphics, sound quality, gameplay, rewards, controls, characters, challenges, and playtime. Each game brings something unique to the table, making sure you get hours of fun.

You can play these games for free and online with friends on any device ( PC or mobile). They offer great experiences without downloading anything. So, let’s dive into the best Among Us alternatives you can enjoy right now.

Tip: Look for games with good reviews and ratings to find the best ones to play.

Here are the best Among Us type games:

  1. Among Impostors
  2. Super Sus
  3. Guess Who Multiplayer
  4. Skibidi Online
  5. Poppy Playtime
  6. Survivor in Rainbow Monster
  7. Splatoon!
  8. Red Impostor vs Crew
  9. Imposter
  10. Crewmate Impostor

1. Among Impostors

Developer: Meyagames

Tags: 3D, Action, Arcade, Casual, Funny, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Survival

Rating: 4.39

Among Impostors is an exciting multiplayer game where players must spot impostors while completing tasks. This game, one of the best Among Us type games, features 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, combining action and puzzles.

Players navigate various environments, identifying impostors and strategizing their moves. With its mix of humor and suspense, Among Impostors keeps players on their toes.

Tip: Pay close attention to other players’ actions to spot the impostors quickly. However, if you are the impostor, stay calm and blend in with the crew, completing tasks just like the others to avoid suspicion.

2. Super Sus

Developer: PIProduction

Tags: Casual, Multiplayer, Unblocked

Rating: 4.28

Super Sus is a thrilling game where you and your friends identify impostors among the crew. It’s perfect for fans of similar games like Among Us.

You can play this game for free without downloading anything on The game’s vibrant graphics and engaging tasks keep players immersed in the action, creating a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Moreover, the game’s simple mechanics and multiplayer mode make it accessible and fun for everyone, ensuring hours of entertainment. Whether you’re defending your innocence or accusing others, each game is a new adventure.

Tip: If you are the impostor, use social deduction and persuasion to convince others of your innocence. You can also create confusion and keep the crew divided to win.

3. Guess Who Multiplayer

Developer: Code this lab srl

Tags: Board, Casual, Classic, Logic, Multiplayer, Puzzle

Rating: 4.54

Guess Who Multiplayer brings a classic board game to life online. Players ask yes/no questions to guess their opponent’s character.

This online version allows you to play with friends or strangers worldwide, keeping the original charm intact. It’s a perfect blend of logic and fun, making it a great way to challenge your brain.

Tip: Start with broad questions to narrow down your options quickly.

4. Skibidi Online

Developer: Jetti Games AB

Tags: Adventure, Battle, Multiplayer, Shooter, Shooting

Rating: 4.26

Skibidi Online is a wild multiplayer shooter where players take on outrageous enemies in unique settings. As one of the similar games like Among Us, it offers fast-paced action and a quirky premise.

The game’s unique maps and unpredictable scenarios keep players on their toes, providing a fresh experience with each match.

Engage in intense battles, use various weapons, and enjoy the chaos of this fun and unpredictable game. The mix of humor and action makes every session exciting and entertaining.

Tip: Team up with friends to increase your chances of winning. 

5. Poppy Playtime

Developer: MOB Games Studio

Tags: Adventure, Casual, Survival, Survival Horror, Unblocked

Rating: 4.38

Poppy Playtime is an adventure game where you explore creepy environments and solve puzzles to survive. As one of the popular imposter games, it challenges you to think on your feet and stay alert.

The game’s eerie atmosphere and engaging storyline make it a must-play for fans of horror and strategy games.

Tip: Always keep an eye out for hidden clues to advance in the game.

6. Survivor in Rainbow Monster

Developer: Bin Studio

Tags: Action, Adventure, Casual, Monster, Multiplayer, Survival

Rating: 4.71

Survivor in Rainbow Monster is an action game where you face off against colorful, monstrous creatures. As one of the exciting Among Us type games, it requires quick thinking and teamwork.

Players must survive by collecting resources and building defenses, making it a thrilling and strategic experience.

Tip: Work with other players to gather resources and build stronger defenses.

7. Splatoon!

Developer: FunnyAnimatorJimTV

Tags: Action, Multiplayer, Shoot ’em up, Shooter, Shooting

Rating: 4.22

Splatoon! is a vibrant shooter game where players compete in paint-based battles. The goal is to cover as much territory as possible with your team’s color.

Its dynamic gameplay, unique mechanics, and colorful graphics make it a standout multiplayer experience that is both fun and strategic.

Tip: Use different weapons and strategies to adapt to various maps and opponents.

8. Red Impostor vs Crew

Developer: Plug In Digital

Tags: Idle, Killing, Spaceship

Rating: 4.48

Red Impostor vs Crew is a game of strategy and deception, similar to other games like Among Us. Players must complete tasks while identifying and avoiding the impostor.

The impostor’s goal is to blend in and eliminate crew members. The game is intense and requires sharp thinking and good communication.

Tip: Keep track of player movements and tasks to spot suspicious behavior.

9. Imposter

Developer: DRA

Tags: Arcade, Idle, Spaceship

Rating: 4.23

Imposter is a fun and engaging game where players work to complete tasks while identifying the impostor among them.

As one of the popular imposter games, it features simple mechanics and social interaction. Players must communicate and deduce who the impostor is, making every game a thrilling experience.

Tip: Use the chat feature to gather information and build alliances.

10. Crewmate Impostor

Developer: Lobster Game Studios

Tags: Action, Brain, Casual, Killing, Matching

Rating: 4.43

Crewmate Impostor is a puzzle game where players merge and match characters to grow stronger. As one of the best Among Us type games, it offers a unique twist on the social deduction genre.

You can play this game online on any device using Crewmate Impostor’s fun and strategic gameplay will keep you entertained for hours.

Tip: Focus on merging characters efficiently to gain a strategic advantage and play seamlessly on any device using