Eyes - The Horror Game: A Comprehensive Walkthrough Guide

Survive Eyes - The Horror Game with our step-by-step walkthrough. Find treasures, avoid monsters, and make your way through the haunted Mansion safely.

Eyes – The Horror Game on now.gg is a horror game where you must escape from monsters while collecting treasures. You can play it online without downloading, which makes it easy to jump right in.

This walkthrough guide will help you survive and progress through the game’s creepy levels. Get ready for some heart-pounding moments as we share tips and tricks to keep you safe from the lurking horrors.

A Quick Intro to the Game and Its Cool Features

Eyes – The Horror Game is all about sneaking around creepy places and grabbing treasures while dodging scary monsters. The basic idea is simple: collect treasure bags and avoid getting caught.

A unique twist is the Eye Runes you can find. These let you see from the monster’s point of view for a few seconds, which helps you avoid danger.

The controls are straightforward. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around and click to interact with objects. It’s really user-friendly, even if you’re new to gaming.

Tip: Use Eye Runes wisely to stay ahead of the monsters.

Krasue and Other Monsters: What You Need to Know

In Eyes – The Horror Game on now.gg, you’ll face some seriously creepy monsters. The main one is Krasue, a floating, severed head that roams the Mansion.

Krasue has a few tricks up her sleeve. She moves around, making eerie sounds and causing lights to flicker. If you hear soft sobbing or see lights going crazy, Krasue is nearby.

Other monsters have their own quirks. They might make different noises or have unique behaviors, but the game gives clues to help you know when they’re close.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting caught:

  • Always stay alert.
  • Listen for any strange noises and watch the lights. If they start flickering, it’s time to hide.
  • Don’t run unless you really need to because it can attract the monsters.

Using Eye Runes: A Sneak Peek at Safety

Eye Runes are your best friends. They let you see through the monster’s eyes for a few seconds. Use them wisely to figure out where the monster is and plan your next move. But be careful because you’re vulnerable while using them.

Tip: Always have an escape plan and know your hiding spots!

The Mansion Level: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Mansion in Eyes – The Horror Game is the first big challenge. It has three main areas: the first floor, the basement, and the second floor. Each one is full of spooky surprises and tricky spots. Let’s break it down and get you through safely.

First Floor: Starting Your Journey

When you begin on the first floor, you’ll explore rooms like the study, kitchen, and dining room. The study is a good starting point, often hiding a few treasure bags.

Keep your eyes open for Eye Runes near doorways and hallways. The kitchen and dining room usually have more treasure bags and sometimes a digit for a safe code.

Moving safely through these rooms is key. Listen closely to Krasue’s eerie sounds. If you hear her, stop and hide in a nearby room. Use Eye Runes only when you’re sure it’s safe.

Heading Down: The Basement

The basement is smaller but tricky. It’s darker, and hiding spots are limited. Most treasure bags are easy to spot, but be quick and alert. The storeroom can be a temporary hiding place if Krasue shows up. Always be ready to run.

Climbing Up: The Second Floor

The second floor is larger and more complex. Start with the bathroom – you’ll find a treasure bag in the toilet. Move to the office and music room for more bags and Eye Runes.

There are also hidden rooms connected by stairs. In the ritual room, you’ll find a teleporting orb that can quickly take you back to the basement.

Final Tips for Escaping

After gathering all 20 treasure bags, make your way back to the first floor. Head for the exit door, but make sure Krasue isn’t nearby. If the coast is clear, make your escape.

Tip: Always keep an eye on the lights and listen for any strange sounds. These Eyes – The Horror Game tips and tricks can help you escape the terror and win the game.

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Here are some top tips and strategies to help you survive and succeed in Eyes – The Horror Game.

Using Eye Runes Wisely

Eye Runes are super handy. Use them when you’re in a safe spot to see where the monster is. Look for big landmarks in the monster’s view, like the grandfather clock, to figure out its location.

Sprinting Like a Pro

Sprint only when you’re in big trouble. Try to remember you have a one-minute cooldown, so don’t waste it. You can also watch ads to speed up the cooldown and sprint more often.

Staying Alive

Listen closely for monster sounds and watch for flickering lights. These clues help you avoid running into trouble. Don’t forget, you can use ads for extra Eye Runes or other bonuses.

Handling Harder Levels

Higher difficulties mean more aggressive monsters. Learn their patterns and be extra cautious. Practice on easier levels to get the hang of it before tackling harder ones.

Bonus tip: Always keep your ears open and your Eye Runes ready!

Unlocking and Customizing Chapters

Unlocking new chapters in Eyes – The Horror Game is all about earning coins. You get coins by completing levels, and harder difficulties give you more coins. Use these coins to unlock new chapters and explore more of the game.

Customizable chapters let you mix and match different monsters with stages. You can also add special modifiers for unique challenges. This keeps the game fresh and exciting.

If you need more coins, try the endless mode. It’s perfect for farming coins while dodging an increasingly tough monster. Special-themed levels, such as Halloween, add extra fun. Just unlock them with your coins and start playing.

Tip: Play on harder difficulties to earn coins faster!

Lore and Story Elements

Lore items make the game more interesting. Look for notes and monster ramblings scattered around. They add depth to the story and give clues about the game’s background.

Collecting lore isn’t just for one playthrough. Any lore you find carries over to future games, so you can keep building the story bit by bit. This makes each playthrough richer and more engaging.

Tip: Always pick up lore items because they make the story way cooler.

Wrapping Up

Surviving in the Eyes – The Horror Game takes sharp ears, quick thinking, and smart use of Eye Runes. Jump into the different chapters and enjoy the thrill of each unique challenge. Mastering the game is a fun journey with endless surprises.

Remember, you can play Eyes – The Horror Game on now.gg for free. Enjoy playing online on any device, whether a PC, tablet, mobile, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad, without downloading the game. So, get ready, stay sharp, and have fun facing the horrors that await!