Eyes - The Horror Game Tips and Tricks: How to Survive and Escape Easily

Are you ready to learn how to play Eyes - The Horror Game? With these tips and tricks, you can easily survive and escape the terror that the mansion offers.

now.gg lets you play Eyes – The Horror Game, a spooky adventure that’s really caught on. In this game, you’re sneaking around a creepy mansion, trying to grab as many money bags as you can while avoiding a terrifying ghost.

It’s popular because it’s simple yet super scary, with plenty of jump scares and a tense atmosphere. The fun comes from the thrill of outsmarting the ghost and the satisfaction of collecting all the loot.

Whether you’re new to horror games or a seasoned player, Eyes – The Horror Game keeps you on the edge of your seat.

What Is Eyes – The Horror Game?

Eyes – The Horror Game is a thrilling adventure game where you explore a haunted mansion. Your goal is simple: collect as many money bags as you can and escape. But there’s a twist. A scary ghost roams the mansion, trying to catch you. This ghost can pop up anywhere, which adds to the suspense.

The game is popular for its chilling atmosphere and heart-pounding moments. You need to stay sharp and keep moving to avoid the ghost.

What makes it even better is that you can play Eyes online on now.gg without needing to download anything. This means you can enjoy the game on any device, whether it’s a PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop.

Note: Stay calm and keep your eyes peeled for the ghost’s movements.

How to Get Started

Before diving into the game, adjust your settings for the best experience:

  1. Tweak the sound so you can hear every creepy noise clearly.
  2. Adjust the brightness. This helps you spot items and avoid missing any important clues.
  3. Change the sensitivity settings to make moving around smoother and easier.

These settings are crucial for a better gameplay experience. They help you react quickly during intense moments. On now.gg, you can play Eyes for free online without worrying about downloading it. Just hop on any device, be it a PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop, and start your spooky adventure.

Playing on now.gg is super easy. Just visit the game page by following the link above, and click on “Play on Browser” to start playing instantly.

Note: Adjust your settings before you start to get the best out of your game.

Tips and Tricks for Survival

Surviving in Eyes – The Horror Game takes more than luck. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of the ghost and escape with all the loot.

Mind Your Game Settings

First, make sure your game settings are just right. Adjust the sensitivity so you can move around easily. This is especially helpful during intense chases.

Also, change the brightness to spot items more easily in dark corners. Brightness settings can make a big difference, helping you see hidden money bags and other important items.

These tweaks help you play better, whether you’re on a PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop. It’s all about making the game work for you, not against you.

Note: Spend a few minutes adjusting settings before you start playing to have a smoother experience.

Money Bags Strategy

In the game, your main goal is to collect money bags. But don’t rush to grab them all at once. Focus on solving puzzles first, then go back for the bags. Money bags attract the ghost, so the more you have, the more often the ghost will come after you.

Plan your route carefully. Know where the bags are, but avoid grabbing them until you’re ready to escape. This way, you won’t have the ghost constantly on your tail.

Note: Solve puzzles first to avoid frequent ghost encounters when collecting money bags. Use our Eyes – The Horror Game Mansion guide to learn more.

Understanding the Entity’s Abilities

The ghost in Eyes – The Horror Game can teleport. This makes it unpredictable and tricky to avoid. Memorize the floor plan of the mansion to plan your escape routes. Knowing where to hide and how to get away quickly is crucial.

To stay ahead, be unpredictable in your movements. Don’t stick to the same path – mix things up to throw off the ghost. This keeps you safer and makes it harder for the ghost to catch you.

Note: Learn the mansion’s layout and stay unpredictable to avoid getting caught by the ghost.

Advanced Tips for Winning the Game

Surviving in Eyes – The Horror Game requires some smart strategies. Here are some advanced tips to help you outsmart the ghost and escape the mansion:

  • Use Eyes to see the entity’s location: Collect Eyes in the game and use them to check where the ghost is. This helps you avoid surprise encounters.
  • Peek through doors safely: Open doors slightly to look around without being seen. This keeps you from walking into danger.
  • Strategies for hard mode: Learn the mansion’s layout. Knowing where to hide and escape is crucial. Use Eyes more often and plan your moves carefully.
  • Effective use of basement keys and other items: Collect keys to unlock new areas and find more money bags. Use items wisely and think a few steps ahead.

Note: Use Eyes wisely to stay one step ahead of the ghost. You can also find the Eyes Around the School Map as well.


To wrap up, remember these key tips: adjust your settings, focus on puzzles before grabbing money bags, use Eyes to see the ghost, and peek through doors safely. These tricks will help you survive and escape the mansion.

Give Eyes – The Horror Game a try and see how many money bags you can collect. It’s a fun and spooky challenge that keeps you on your toes.

You can play online for free on now.gg, whether you’re on a PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop. Play smart, stay alert, and have fun exploring the haunted mansion on now.gg!