How to Play Eyes - The Horror Game: School Map Guide for All Devices

Master Eyes - The Horror Game with our School Map Guide. Learn tips and the map to survive and escape the school. Dominate the game with our advice!

If you love scary games, you should try Eyes – The Horror Game on This game is all about exploring creepy places and avoiding spooky creatures.

One of the main maps is the School map. It’s a big, abandoned school with lots of rooms and dark corners. You’ll need to be brave to get through it.

The School map adds a lot of excitement and challenges to the game. Whether you’re new to Eyes or a long-time player, the School map will keep you on your toes and make your heart race.

Overview of the School Map

The School Map in Eyes – The Horror Game is a spooky, abandoned school. It’s one of the main maps in the game, which adds a lot of excitement and chills. The school has three main areas: the Top Floor, the Middle Floor, and the Basement.

  • The Top Floor looks like a big library with lots of books and a few offices.
  • The Middle Floor has classrooms like Geography and Chemistry, with lockers and sports banners in the hallways.
  • The Basement is the creepiest part, with janitor closets, break rooms, and a nurse’s office.
  • The halls are broken and falling apart, making it extra scary.

You can play Eyes online on, and enjoy the School map without downloading the game. With, you can play on any device like a PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop.

Note: Always keep an eye on your surroundings to avoid surprises.

Detailed Breakdown of Each Area

The School map in Eyes – The Horror Game is divided into three main areas. Exploring these floors thoroughly will help you gather the items you need and avoid the dangers lurking in the shadows. Let’s take a closer look at each area to understand what you’ll face.

Main Floor

The Main Floor of the School map is where you’ll find most of the classrooms. There are rooms like the Geography Room and the Chemistry Room, each filled with old desks and spooky details.

The halls are lined with lockers that might hide something useful, so don’t skip them. You’ll also see banners for the school’s sports team, adding to the eerie abandoned feel.

Key rooms on this floor include a general office, where you might find important clues. This area is busy and full of places to hide but also places where dangers might lurk.

Note: Check every classroom and locker for useful items and clues.

Top Floor

The Top Floor is like a giant library, often called the Reading Room. It’s filled with bookshelves and dusty old books. There are only two main rooms here, one of which is another office. This floor has stairs that lead down to the other levels, so remember their locations.

The exit can sometimes be found on this floor, but it varies each game. This area is quieter but don’t let your guard down. The open spaces make it easier for enemies to spot you. So, keep an eye out for hiding spots and escape routes.

Note: Use the bookshelves and corners to hide if you hear an enemy approaching.


The Basement is the creepiest part of the School map. It’s dark and feels like it’s falling apart. You’ll find rooms like the Janitor’s closet, another office, bathrooms, break rooms, the Nurse’s office, and a Filing Cabinet room. The walls and floors are cracked and broken, adding to the spooky atmosphere.

This area can be confusing with its twists and turns, and it’s easy to get lost. The exit might be down here, so explore carefully. Watch out for enemies lurking in the shadows, and use the cluttered rooms to your advantage.

Note: Memorize the layout of the Basement to avoid getting lost during a chase. The other maps also have a similar layout, so if you want to learn more, make sure to check out our Eyes – The Horror Game Mansion Guide.

Great and Simple Tips to Win the Game

Playing on the School map can be challenging but fun. Here are some tips to help you survive:

  • Stay alert: Keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of danger. Listen for the school bell, which rings occasionally and causes all doors to stay open. This makes it easier for enemies to find you.
  • Collect money bags: Your main goal is to collect money bags scattered around the school. Check every room and hallway carefully.
  • Use Eye Runes: These help you see through the eyes of the monsters. Use them wisely to avoid getting caught.
  • Avoid enemies: Learn the patterns of the enemies and avoid them. If you hear or see something unusual, hide until the danger passes.
  • No map provided: There’s no map in the game, but you can find maps near the stairs. Remember the layout as you explore.

You can play Eyes for free on, on any device without needing to download anything. Whether you’re on a PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop, you’re set to go.

Note: Keep moving, and don’t stay in one place for too long. These Eyes – The Horror Game tips and tricks will help you win the game.

Lore and Story Elements

The School Map in Eyes – The Horror Game has a spooky backstory. The school was once a bustling place, likely a junior school, but now it’s abandoned and haunted.

Emily Miles, a former student, is connected to the school’s dark history. She and her family were cursed, and this curse affects the main character as well.

An unnamed teacher at the school knew about the curse. Her notes give clues about its origins and how it haunts those connected to the Miles family. The curse makes people see terrifying things, turning their fears into real threats.

Note: Pay attention to the notes you find; they reveal important details about the curse.


Understanding the School map is key to surviving and enjoying Eyes – The Horror Game. Knowing the layout and the story behind it makes the game more exciting and less scary. The School map adds a lot of depth and thrill to the game.

Give the School map a try and see how long you can last. Play Eyes on for free on any device without having to download it. It’s a fun and thrilling experience that you don’t want to miss.