Arknights Characters Tier List: Optimize Your Gameplay

Discover the ultimate Arknights characters tier list to enhance your gameplay. From Casters to Vanguards, find out where everyone stands and plan for victory makes playing Arknights easy and accessible for everyone. Whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or PC, you can jump into the game without any downloads, completely for free.

Understanding the Arknights characters tier list is crucial for any player looking to succeed. This list ranks characters from best to worst, helping you choose the right team for your battles.

By knowing which characters top the charts, you can strategize more effectively and enhance your gameplay experience. Get ready to play Arknights smarter – not harder – with this handy guide.

What Is a Tier System?

In Arknights on, characters are ranked based on their versatility, power level, and how well they perform their roles. The tier list uses five categories to sort these characters.

If a character is in the S rank, it means they are super powerful and versatile, making them top picks for any game scenario. A-rank characters are also strong but slightly less impactful than those in the S tier. 

B and C ranked characters are average to below average, with specific uses that might not always be the best choice. Lastly, D rank characters are the least effective in the current game meta.

Tip: Always aim for S and A rank Arknights characters to strengthen your team.


In Arknights, Casters are crucial for dealing magic damage and are ranked based on their ability to control and damage multiple enemies. Here’s how they stack up:

  • S Rank: Ebenholz, Ceobe, Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Lin, Mostima, Goldenglow, Passenger – these Casters are game changers, offering powerful area control and high damage outputs.
  • A Rank: Amiya, Astgenne, Absinthe, Beeswax, Click, Dusk, Carnelian, Ho’olheyak, Kjera, Leonhardt, Mint (twice), Leizi, Minimalist, Rockrock – Very reliable, with abilities that support various strategies.
  • B Rank: Harmonie, Haze, Gitano, Indigo, Iris, Pudding, Lava the Purgatory, Qanipalaat – Good in specific situations but lack the versatility of higher tiers.
  • C Rank: Greyy, Lava, Corroserum, Nightmare, Steward, Skyfire, Tomimi – These characters can be effective but generally offer less impact.
  • D Rank: Durin, 12F – Least effective, with limited utility in most game scenarios.

Tip: When selecting Casters, consider their ability to affect large areas and target multiple enemies.


Defenders in Arknights are your frontline protectors, essential for absorbing damage and controlling enemy movements. Here’s how top defenders are categorized:

  • S Rank: Horn, Liskarm, Blemishine, Mudrock, Penance, Nian, Saria – Exceptional in durability and utility, often with abilities that benefit the entire team.
  • A Rank: Blitz, Bubble, Croissant, Ashlock, Cuora, Firewhistle, Heavyrain, Eunectes, Hoshiguma, Shalem, Nearl – Strong and reliable, providing solid defense and additional support.
  • B Rank: Asbestos, Bison, Aurora, Cement, Czerny, Gummy, Dur-Nar, Hung, Vulcan, Matterhorn – Adequate defenders with specific uses, though not as versatile.
  • C Rank: Cardigan, Beagle, Friston-3, Spot — Basic defensive capabilities, suitable for early or less challenging content.
  • D Rank: Noir Corne – Limited in effectiveness, typically overshadowed by other options.

Tip: Defenders are your shield. Position them strategically to protect vulnerable units and control enemy advancements.


Snipers in Arknights play a critical role in targeting enemies from a distance, often determining the flow of combat with their high output damage. Here’s how the sniper characters rank:

  • S Rank: Ash, Ch’en the Holungday, Archetto, Exusiai, Fiametta, Fartooth, Pozëmka, Rosa (Poca), Schwarz, Rosmontis, Typhon, W – These are the elite snipers, delivering powerful long-range attacks that can change the outcome of battles.
  • A Rank: April, Blue Poison, Andreana, Firewatch, Insider, Jieyun, GreyThroat, Kroos the Keen Glint, Pinecone, Meteorite, Platinum, Provence – Very effective at providing sustained damage and utility, making them solid choices for most scenarios.
  • B Rank: Ambriel, Erato, Aciddrop, Executor, Lunacub, Jessica, May, Greyy the Lightningbearer, Shirayuki, Melanite, Toddifons, Sesa, Totter, Meteor, Vermeil – Reliable for consistent damage, though they may lack the impact of higher tiers.
  • C Rank: Aosta, Catapult, Adnachiel, Kroos, Terra Research Commission – These snipers offer basic functionality and are best suited for early or less demanding challenges.
  • D Rank: Rangers, Justice Knight – Least favored due to their limited effectiveness in most game situations.

Tip: Snipers excel at taking out enemies from a distance. Keep them well-protected and positioned in elevated or unobstructed areas to extend their reach and effectiveness throughout the battle.


Specialists in this anime game are known for their unique abilities and roles that often involve manipulating enemy positions or providing specialized support. Here’s how they stack up in the tier list:

  • S Rank: Dorothy, Gladiia, Aak, Jaye, Lee, Mizuki, Phantom, Kirin R Yato, Specter the Unchained, Texas the Omertosa, Weedy – Top-tier specialists known for their exceptional skills that can crucially alter the dynamics of gameplay.
  • A Rank: Enforcer, Ethan, Cliffheart, FEater, Kafka, Kazemaru, Frost, Gravel, Manticore, Projekt Red, Swire the Elegant Wit, Robin – Highly valuable for their ability to handle complex scenarios with their specialized skills.
  • B Rank: Mr. Nothing, Rope, Bena, Shaw, Snowsant, Waai Fu – Useful in specific situations, these specialists can provide strategic advantages when used properly.
  • C Rank: THRM-EX – Offers basic utility and can be effective in niche situations.
  • D Rank: Spuria, Kirara – Generally considered the least effective, with limited use in typical gameplay setups.

Tip: Specialists have unique abilities that often provide tactical advantages, like shifting enemy positions or providing specialized buffs.


Supporters in Arknights enhance team capabilities and control the flow of battle with their diverse abilities. Here’s how the supporter characters rank:

  • S Rank: Gnosis, Ling, Angelina, Magallan, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Shamare, Suzuran – These supporters offer top-notch abilities that greatly enhance team performance, whether through buffing allies or debuffing enemies.
  • A Rank: Mayer, Podenco, Istina, Pramanix, Scene, Proviso, Stainless, Silence the Paradigmatic- Very effective in their roles, providing significant support that can tilt the battlefield in your favor.
  • B Rank: Glaucus, Heidi, Hibiscus, Deepcolor, Quercus, Sora, Roberta, Valarqvin – Good for additional support, though they might not have the impact of higher tiers.
  • C Rank: Orchid, Earthspirit, Tsukinogi – These characters offer basic support functions and are more situational.
  • D Rank: Windflit, Nine-Colored Deer  – Least effective, often overshadowed by others in their class.

Tip: Supporters enhance the overall capabilities of your team. Use them in ways that their skills can overlap with as many team members as possible.


Vanguards in this tactical game, play crucial roles in resource management and frontline defense. Here’s how they are categorized in the tier list:

  • S Rank: Cantabile, Elysium, Bagpipe, Flametail, Muelsyse, Myrtle, Ines, Saga, Saileach – These vanguards are essential for their ability to quickly generate resources and hold the line, providing a strong start to any mission.
  • A Rank: Chiave, Puzzle, Reed, Blacknight, Siege, Vigna, Wild Mane, Texas, Zima – Highly capable, offering solid resource management and combat support to keep the team stable.
  • B Rank: Courier, Grani, Beanstalk, Scavenger, Vigil – Reliable and functional, with decent abilities to support the team, but less impactful than the top tiers.
  • C Rank: Plume, Fang, Vanilla – Basic functionality, suitable for early stages or less challenging scenarios.
  • D Rank: Yato – Generally considered the least versatile, with limited utility in most game setups.

Tip: Vanguards are essential for early-game resource management. Deploy them first to quickly gain a resource advantage and sustain your operations. Test out these characters for free on