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Miga Town: My World

Educational Games
XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

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Miga Town: My World is an educational game developed by XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd. and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

Play Miga Town: My World online for free with mobile cloud. Miga Town: My World is the wild and wacky Educational game by XiHe Digital Technology that provides young players with a creative sandbox where they can let their imaginations run wild.


Go on a treasure hunt, try out different looks, and wear whatever you like! There are no rules to stick to or points to count; Miga Town: My World just wants you to have tons of fun. Come home to your apartment, where you can sit down and chill, have heart-to-heart conversations with your bestie, or hold lavish dinner parties for you and your best pals.


Looking to catch a bite to eat? Head down the stairs to the local restaurant, where the star chef is always on hand to cook up whatever delicious meal you’re looking for. Take a quick trip over to the convenience store and buy all the everyday goods you need.


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