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IMVU, Inc.

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IMVU: online game & friends is an Android app developed by IMVU, Inc. World’s largest avatar social platform, with over 7 million monthly active users who connect to share a common experience. 


IMVU users create a whole new social experience that goes beyond today’s digital media, where connecting digitally is immersive and interactions feel lifelike. Instead of amassing a large number of shallow, status-based relationships, IMVU chatroom experiences are hyper-personal, fostering meaningful friendships.


IMVU is a virtual world where you can interact with people from all over the world. A thriving community of 50,000 creators to express their creativity. Enter this new world and Play IMVU: online game & friends online on a PC or mobile web browser. Tap on the play button and start playing games online on 


Long downloads and annoying updates are over. Without downloading or installing the game, you can play your favorite IMVU: online game & friends in the cloud on your PC or mobile device. Instantly transform your old phone, PC, or any other device into a powerful gaming machine.


Quickly share the game’s link on social media to introduce your friends to a new way of playing games. Have you signed in to a new device? Don’t be concerned. You can resume a game on another screen with mobile cloud without losing your progress. So jump into the IMVU: online game & friends and start playing.


Only on, click the ‘play in browser’ button to get started right away.


Is IMVU online game?

Yes, IMVU: online game & friends can only be played with an internet connection. But, it can be played without downloading, right from a web browser. Tap on the play button to open it immediately in the browser and play it using a PC or mobile. Start playing games online only on

What is IMVU used for?

IMVU is a chat app that allows users to create their own custom avatars and use them to chat with strangers in random chat rooms or 3D chat rooms. To know more, tap on the play button to open the game in the browser and start playing games online only on

What type of game is IMVU?

IMVU is a popular online virtual reality game. It’s also a platform where you can meet people from all over the world, similar to a social network but with 3D avatars. Get to know more, start playing online by tapping on the play button. Open the game instantly in the browser and play for free on