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On a colorful court, wielding a virtual racket and whacking a fuzzy yellow ball back and forth with silly opponents.  These games are all about practice, skill, and having a blast playing everyone’s favorite racket sport!  Get ready to serve up some fun!


There are all sorts of Tennis Games on  Some are like exciting challenges where you test your skills against goofy robots or friendly aliens.  You’ll need to focus on hitting the ball just right, aiming for your opponent’s weak spots and making them scramble all over the court.  Imagine launching a powerful serve that makes your opponent trip over their goofy space boots – that’d be a fun way to win a point!


Other Tennis Games are more like practice drills. You might try to hit targets on the court, perfecting your volleys and backhands.  Or maybe you’ll play against a silly robot programmed to hit the ball back in different ways, helping you learn how to react and return every shot.  Imagine practicing your backhand swing against a robot that keeps lobbing the ball super high – that’d be a great way to improve your skills!