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Play your favorite Launch Games on PC & Mobile has a special section called Launch Games, where you can be the first to try out brand-new and exciting games! Imagine being an explorer discovering a hidden world of fun – that’s kind of what Launch Games are like! These games are so new, they haven’t even been released everywhere yet, but gives you a chance to play them early.


Launch Games come in all shapes and sizes.  There might be exciting adventures where you explore colorful worlds, solve tricky puzzles, or maybe even meet some silly characters along the way.  Imagine being one of the first people to discover a hidden castle in a magical forest, or helping a goofy robot find his lost spaceship – that sounds super cool, right?


Other Launch Games are more about action and competition. You might race against friends in a high-speed car chase on a brand new track, battle silly robots in a neon city using wacky weapons, or even create your own unique world filled with whatever you can imagine!  Imagine being one of the first people to try out a super-fast racing game, or building a giant robot friend in a brand-new world – the possibilities are endless!


The best part about’s Launch Games is that you can be among the first to play them!  Some games might be super realistic, trying to make you feel like you’re really in the game world. Others might be more cartoony and lighthearted, with bright colors and funny characters.


No matter what kind of game you like, there’s probably a Launch Game for you on  Just remember, since these games are so new, there might be a few little bugs or glitches sometimes.