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These football games on are all about experiencing the excitement of America’s favorite sport,  throwing touchdown passes, making bone-crushing tackles, and leading your team to victory – all from the comfort of your computer or phone.


There are a couple of different types of football games you can play on  Some are like super realistic simulations, where you control all the players on your team, calling plays and trying to outsmart your opponent.  Imagine calling an awesome play and watching your running back sprint into the endzone for a touchdown – that’s pretty cool, right?


Other football games are more like arcade-style fun.  These might be faster-paced and a little less complicated, focusing on the action of running the ball, throwing passes, and making tackles.  You might even be able to play with funny, cartoony characters instead of real-life football players.


No matter what kind of football game you choose, you’re sure to have a blast.  Some games let you play as your favorite team, competing against rivals in virtual stadiums.  Others let you create your own dream team, picking the best players and customizing their uniforms.