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Drifting games are all about racing cars in a super cool way! It’s not just about going fast in a straight line – it’s about making your car slide sideways around corners with style! Imagine racing on a track with lots of bends and curves, and instead of slowing down, you drift your car, making it screech and smoke as it powers through the corner.

In drifting games, you control a race car and try to drift perfectly around corners. To drift, you gotta hold down a special button and turn the wheel sharply. If you do it right, your car’s back wheels will lose grip and slide, but the front wheels will keep turning, making you drift smoothly through the corner.

The cooler your drift looks, the more points you score!  A good drift will have your car smoking and angled just right, spraying tires as it takes the corner with speed.  But drifting isn’t easy!  If you don’t turn enough, you’ll just spin out.  If you turn too much, you’ll hit the wall!  It takes practice to become a real drifting master.

Some drifting games let you race against other cars, trying to get the highest score and be the coolest drifter on the track.  Others let you practice your skills on different courses, learning new drifting techniques and tricks.