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Dating Simulation Games are like playing pretend, but instead of pretending to be a pirate or a superhero, you get to pretend to go on dates!  Create your own character and then meet all sorts of interesting people.  You get to choose what to say and do, building friendships and maybe even finding a special someone in the game world.


These games are like interactive stories where you control what happens.  You might meet a friendly artist at a coffee shop, a sporty character at the park, or a bookworm in the library.  The game shows you pictures of these characters and tells you a little bit about them.  Then, you get to choose what your character says or does.


Will you be funny and tell a joke? Will you be kind and offer to help them? Maybe you’ll share your favorite book or ask them about their hobby.  The choices you make affect the story and how the other characters respond to you.  The goal might be to become friends with everyone or maybe even find someone special to go on a date with in the game!


Dating Simulation Games are mostly for older kids and teenagers.  They’re a lighthearted way to explore making friends, being kind to others, and maybe even getting a taste of what it’s like to have a crush on someone (in a safe and fun way, of course!).