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Have you ever dreamed of building your own city? lets you be the mayor right on your web browser, even though you won’t need a fancy hat and gavel.


Imagine starting with a small patch of land and turning it into a bustling city. You’ll build houses and shops for your citizens to live and work in.  You can even construct hospitals, schools, and other buildings to keep your city happy and healthy.  Some city-building games on let you see your city grow and change from a tiny town to a sprawling metropolis!  It’s like watching your own little world come to life.


Some games let you focus on making your city pretty. You can plant trees, build parks, and decorate your streets with fountains and statues.  These games are perfect if you enjoy creating a beautiful and peaceful city for your citizens.


Do you like a challenge? Some city-building games let you manage your resources carefully. You’ll need to collect taxes, build factories, and keep your citizens happy to make your city successful.  These games can be quite tricky, but they’re also very rewarding when you see your city thrive under your leadership.