The Ultimate Guide to Fellows in Isekai:Slow Life

Dive into our comprehensive guide on Isekai:Slow Life's top Fellows. From SSR rarity characters like Emosen to R rarity gems like Meaden, discover each character's unique backstory and role in this city-building RPG adventure.

The vibrant world of Isekai:Slow Life introduces players to the unusual scenario where they take on the persona of a tiny mushroom, mysteriously teleported into a land brimming with enchantment. As players navigate through this universe, they engage in making alliances, amassing a variety of items, designing their own village, and focusing on strengthening their Fellows, the unique characters of this game. One fantastic perk of this city-building RPG? It’s easily accessible without the hassles of downloads, playable straight from your browser with on PC and mobile platforms.

As you progress through the game, the significance of Fellows becomes evident. These characters, pivotal to your advancement, need to be assigned to various infrastructures within your village. But who to choose? This article sheds light on the top Fellows to keep an eye on. By understanding their skills and backgrounds, players can make informed decisions to enhance their in-game economy and progression.

Tier S Fellows – The Creme de la Creme

The most elite of the lot belongs to the S-Tier Fellows. 

Emosen SSR Explorer
Jewlry SSR Collector
Anne SSR Pirate
Augustine SSR Necromancer
Avar SSR Archdemon


As a proud representative of the dog race, Emosen holds an SSR rarity and proudly dons the title of an Explorer. She has a natural affinity for traversing cold and icy terrains, a feat made easier with her thick fur. However, her preference for the cold means she finds it tough to manage in hotter climates, which she tends to avoid.


Jewlry is a young dragon girl, categorized under the SSR rarity as a Collector. Her fascination for jewels is unparalleled, making her lose her composure around shiny treasures. Since she’s still in her early years, winning her trust is a simple task of presenting her with the glittering valuables she adores.


An SSR rarity character, Anne sails the high seas as a Pirate. Her adventurous spirit and fearless attitude make her a formidable force on the water. Known for her sharp strategic mind and unparalleled naval skills, Anne is a treasure to any crew she joins.


Augustine, with an SSR rarity, is a unique character that fuses the skeletal realm with the world of flora. As a Necromancer, his past is enigmatic and filled with tales of magic and intrigue. Contrary to his ominous appearance, he has a tender side, appreciating the beauty of flowers, the tranquility of afternoon tea, and the innocence of children.


Commanding a powerful Authority, Avar stands tall in the SSR rarity as an Archdemon. His influence can make individuals achieve their deepest desires. However, this power has its drawbacks, often sending those under its spell into a bewildering state, a predicament Avar himself isn’t immune to.

A-List Fellows – A Notch Above the Rest

The A-Tier consists of beings just as compelling. 

Quenchy SR Craftsman
Rani SR Yogi
Adeline SR River God
Elise SR Dealer


Quenchy is an SR rarity fellow who wears the badge of a Craftsman. As a dedicated dwarf craftsman, she delves deep into creating both awe-inspiring inventions and, occasionally, devices that result in unintended chaos. Her workshop is a place of wonder, where tools and gadgets come to life.


Distinguished as an SR rarity fellow, Rani is a Yogi. Resembling a serpent, her meditative practices are intense and captivating. Rani’s dedication to her craft attracts a following, with many waiting patiently outside her abode, hoping to learn from or simply be near this mesmerizing figure.


An ethereal beauty, Adeline is a River God, falling under the SR rarity. Residing in a secluded lake, she is known to only a few. Those who approach her with honesty are often rewarded generously. However, loneliness sometimes grips her, leading her to summon company with enticing rewards.


With an SR rarity, Elise operates as a Dealer. Living within the confines of a casino, her outer beauty hides a deceptive nature. She masterfully lures patrons to gamble, pulling them into the exhilarating world of bets and stakes, only to consume them in their entirety, leaving no trace behind

B-Grade Fellows – Unassuming Yet Essential

Last but not least, the B-Tier Fellows still play a noteworthy role in your adventure. 

Belle R Maid
Woolf R Shepherd
Meaden R Winemaker


Belle, an R rarity fellow, excels in her role as a Maid. Hailing from the canine race, she works at an inn, where her cleaning skills are unparalleled. Her dedication to her chores is such that anyone interfering might face her wrath, as she values cleanliness above all.


Gentle and occasionally absent-minded, Woolf is an R rarity Shepherd. Despite his age, he dutifully looks after his flock, ensuring their safety and well-being. On the rare occasion, he might seem a tad confused, but his heart is always in the right place.


Meaden, an R rarity Winemaker, is a fairy with a magical touch. Her wines, brewed from the purest nectar, are known for their smoothness and sweet taste. The secret recipes she uses have been passed down for generations, ensuring every bottle she produces is of the highest quality.

For all avid virtual adventurers, knowing the backstory and abilities of these Fellows can be a game-changer (pun intended) in Isekai:Slow Life. Navigate this magical realm, make alliances, and forge ahead, and let this guide steer you towards the most fruitful decisions. Here’s to crafting your unique narrative in this enthralling fantasy RPG!