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Beautiful fur coats, adorable little paws, and inquisitive personalities. You can try being a pet cat owner in these awesome cat games, participate in their inquisitive adventures, or play awesome cat puzzle games for kids.


You can find games with cat themes and cat characters in this collection. Some games will have cute animals that purr, while in others you’ll get to play as a feisty cat and go on adventures! Along with enjoyable adventure games, you can also find some awesome cat-themed crossword puzzles that are enjoyable for both children and adults.


You will adore our wide variety of adventures even if you don’t own a cat as a pet. Playing with pets allows you to hear kittens meow, catapult pussycats into the air, and earn thousands of points. You can select any cat you like for our challenges, including domestic, tabby, and longhair varieties.


At the veterinary clinic, you can groom your cats and comb their fur. In one of these challenging games, you must run and jump across platforms while your cat chases after mice, fish, and catnip.