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Addictive games are like playgrounds with a super-fun slide – you just can’t stop going down it again and again!  These games are designed to be so much fun and engaging that you keep playing for longer than you might have planned.  Imagine a game that lets you build a giant collection of cool monsters or one where you can’t stop popping colorful bubbles on the screen.  Those can be addictive games!


The thing that makes a game addictive is how it keeps you wanting more.  There might always be new things to discover, like unlocking a special monster in your collection game or beating a really tough level in your bubble-popping game.  Some addictive games reward you for playing a little bit at a time, making you want to come back and check on your progress later.


Even though they’re fun, it’s important to remember that addictive games can sometimes make it hard to stop playing.  Just like eating too much candy, it’s good to take breaks and do other things too.