Why Mobile Cloud is Revolutionary for Gamers?

We take a peek into the future world where gaming on a mobile cloud will revolutionize the industry for gamers, both new and old, casual and hardcore.

The world is moving at a fast pace, faster than people fathomed. The technological advancements in the last two decades have surpassed the levels of advancements that ushered in the era of internet over the last 50 years prior to the advent of this millennia. Online gaming, let alone gaming in general, is no longer a fad but the present and overwhelmingly, the future of the industry. With the incoming installation of 5G all over the world and the journey towards metaverse, cloud gaming will be enabled and the way to go forward.

Cloud Gaming, Mobile Cloud and the future of the Gaming Industry

Before we move forward, let us talk about cloud gaming. As the name suggests, cloud gaming refers to gaming on the cloud. Clouds are remote servers that allow users access to games and stream the same onto the users’ devices. The mobile gaming industry is booming right now, with future estimates from Sensor Tower indicating that the gaming industry will be a $100 billion-plus industry by 2023, with annual mobile game downloads set to surpass 67 billion by the said year.

The advent of mobile cloud is something that is changing the landscape of the industry. Mobile cloud is cloud gaming that focuses purely on mobile devices and games. In a future where almost everyone has access to ultrafast 5G connectivity, mobile cloud will not just be revolutionary but put the entire online gaming industry on an even larger spectrum, thanks to a certain number of core competencies.

Removing Hardware Limitations with Mobile Cloud

The primary advantage that mobile cloud provides is the ease of access to an array of games that may not be available on your particular device. Every device has its limitations and encumbrances and doesn’t have all the games available to be installed on the same. But, mobile cloud allows users to run games through the cloud gaming platform, eliminating the encumbrances. 

While ease of access is accentuated, it also enables portability since you just need access to ultrafast connectivity to run mobile cloud smoothly along with an automated cross-platform feature owing to the games being saved on the cloud and not your device. Thus, you can then continue your own saved games from another device of your choice, only by logging into the cloud with your own account. This comes in handy for a lot of scenarios like completing daily objectives on the fly and without any inconvenience, taking part in timed missions and quests and much more.

A large portion of mobile gamers are casual ones and the covid-era introduced a lot of other mobile users to the world of gaming. However, users are sometimes off-put by the resources one has to dedicate in order to try a game out, especially in terms of the storage space. The mobile cloud eliminates that risk, with all that is needed to try a game out is to log into the cloud and run the specific game. It acts as a free trial, if not anything else, for the gamers that could then choose to commit fully towards the game if they like it. 

The mobile cloud will also help enhance the user experience by giving them access to an accentuated level of graphics without the need for a device that necessarily matches the hardware requirements to run the same. In the world of the metaverse, where everything will be digital, the mobile cloud also eliminates the space required to store hardware that is considered a prerequisite for online gaming.

In summary, the mobile cloud provides gamers easy access to games and better graphics without the need to fulfill specific hardware requirements to a large extent while also allowing cross-platform and elimination of the need to preserve storage space. With developers providing cutting-edge graphics and packing more content in the games than before, several popular titles take up more than 2 GB of your storage space, with some titles like Genshin Impact, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and more even taking up to 10 GB of your space. The mobile cloud eliminates the need for the same.

Gamers in the metaverse would obviously look for specific advantages that enable them as much as possible. The mobile cloud will also further a lot of incentives towards gamers, with these games now available to be played without incurring much of a fee.

Exploring Gaming Innovations with now.gg

Now.gg is one such mobile cloud that helps eliminate encumbrances and bring forth a cloud solution to all the problems surrounding mobile games. The platform champions the ease of access for both users and developers by eliminating any cloud fees for the latter as well as providing the prospect of playing games by just entering the link, which can also be shared and embedded freely. The discoverability factor for the games is also a bonus for developers, with gamers also benefitting from the same. 


There are many extensions of the mobile cloud that will enhance so many facets of the mobile gaming ecosystem. Follow our blog updates to know more about mobile cloud and their applications in the gaming industry.