Rise of Kingdoms on now.gg - How to Dominate Your Enemies by Playing Rise of Kingdoms on the Cloud

Play Rise of Kingdoms on the mobile cloud and without downloading a single file to your phone or PC on now.gg.

When it comes to mobile strategy and war games, you really can’t get much more iconic than Rise of Kingdoms. now.gg is the platform of choice for enjoying Rise of Kingdoms on the cloud, with the best performance and graphics, and without having to download any files to your devices. 

Released in late 2018, Rise of Kingdoms defined what phone strategy games should be about, offering lots of different gameplay mechanics including base building, research, and army training, alongside tons of real-time strategy combat as you deploy your enemies onto the world map and have them fight against enemies both NPC and player-controlled alike. 

Unlike other strategy titles where most of the combat interactions are number-based, which means that the player who has the most number and higher-tier troops is always the winner, there’s a degree of skill involved in playing Rise of Kingdoms, as the way in which you control your units on the field as they engage against the enemy can lead to significant combat bonuses, such as by effectively flanking enemy armies, or coordinating attacks with allies to deal crushing blows.

All in all, Rise of Kingdoms is not only innovative, but it’s also very unique. The only thing it has in common with other mobile strategy games, however, is that the only way to enjoy it is by playing it on your phone. This limitation can come with its own share of problems, as phones not only could provide subpar performance but also suffer from battery drainage when gaming for too long, as well as overheating, which could diminish the lifespan of the device. And even if you have a nice phone that can easily run the game, you’d still be playing on a tiny screen, which can make it difficult to issue commands, especially in the heat of battle.

Luckily, you can play this game on your PC or mobile device through now.gg, with the best settings and performance, and without having to download a single file. And in this article, we’re going to run you through the most important features that our platform has to offer when playing Rise of Kingdoms on the cloud.

The Limitations of Gaming on Your Phone

There are countless phone models on the market, each with its own sets of specs, software variations, and features, with more of them releasing every year. As such, your experience with mobile gaming will vary greatly depending on the devices available to you. However, what all of these models have in common is that they’re meant to be used on the go, while out and about. And when it comes to mobile gaming, you really can’t get much more convenient than by whipping out your phone and just running your favorite game anywhere and anytime. 

However, just as your specifications can vary, so too will the performance of your phone when gaming. And if you only have a device that’s on the lower end of the hardware spectrum, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a subpar experience, being forced to lower the graphics and other settings to achieve acceptable performance. And even then, you’ll still have to deal with overheating and battery drainage issues, which in turn can accelerate the rate of wear and tear on your device.

Hardware limitations aside, while phones are great for gaming on the go, you’ll definitely want to play on a more adequate platform if you’re relaxing at home. After all, if you have access to a console or a PC, there’s no point in playing on your phone, with its tiny screen and performance problems.

No matter which way you slice it, phones leave a lot to be desired when it comes to gaming, convenience aside.

The Benefits of Playing Rise of Kingdoms on the Cloud

The emulation scene has grown considerably in the past few years, with various platforms offering gamers the opportunity of playing games like Rise of Kingdoms on their PC. However, even though as light and fast as current emulators can get, you’ll still have issues with enjoying these games on your PC if your machine doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for running the emulator. 

The same goes for phones, as gaming on older models can quickly test your patience due to the lag and performance issues. And considering that, currently, 60 to 70 percent of all phones worldwide aren’t suited for mobile gaming, there’s a good chance that you’re among the crowds of those who are getting mediocre performance when trying to game on their mobile devices.

However, if you play Rise of Kingdoms on now.gg, you can forgo the limitations of your PC and phone, by effectively streaming a copy of the game directly from the cloud. now.gg is the first and largest mobile cloud through which gamers can enjoy their favorite mobile games on their phones, tablets, or PCs, without ever having to download or install a single file or app, and with the best performance and graphics. 

now.gg is a platform powered by our proprietary nowCloudOS, a distributed Android architecture that, using multiple server clusters, can handle all the processing required to run the games, and give the user access to it via streaming. Furthermore, by using edge computing principles, users can also enjoy a lag-free experience regardless of their geographical location. And considering the hectic and intense design of the combat in Rise of Kingdoms, getting the best performance and the least lag will be paramount for your success in this game.

With all that being said, here are a few key benefits to playing Rise of Kingdoms on the now.gg mobile cloud:

  • Simplify Transactions With a Variety of Payment Methods

While RoK certainly has a fair F2P model, compared to other similar games, this title often offers pretty good deals and bundles in its in-game store. If you’re committed to playing and advancing in the game, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel inclined to drop a few bucks on it to get a boost. However, if you’re playing on your phone, you’re stuck with the payment methods accepted by the storefront.

Fortunately, if you’re playing Rise of Kingdoms on the now.gg mobile cloud, our platform gives access to a variety of payment methods for making purchases, including even cryptocurrency and digital wallets. And if you’re a developer, you’ll be pleased to know that now.gg gives a larger profit margin on every sale, compared to competing platforms.

  • A Seamless Experience Regardless of Your Device

now.gg is device-agnostic, which means that it’s designed to give an equally as good experience on your phone and tablet, as well as on your PC. In order to access the game, simply click on the corresponding link or ad, and you’ll be taken to a streaming version of the title in question on a new browser tab or window. Furthermore, since your progress in Rise of Kingdoms is synced to your Google Play account, you can progress regardless of your device when playing on now.gg, simply by linking the same account on every device.

  • Get the Best Graphics and Controls While Also Saving Storage Space

One of the particularities of gaming on the cloud is that you don’t need to dedicate storage space on your phone or PC in order to run the games, since you’re playing a streaming version that is kept on our servers. Moreover, we’ve designed now.gg with enough hardware and processing power to handle any mobile game with the best graphics and performance settings. This means that games that wouldn’t normally run optimally—or at all—on your phone will function flawlessly when playing it on now.gg. 


Such performance will come in handy in Rise of Kingdoms since it will let you easily make the best decisions in combat, without having to worry about lag or stuttering.

Regardless of your preferred platform for gaming, the truth of the matter is that phones are significantly more restricted than PCs or consoles, both in terms of hardware as well as peripherals and other features. If you’re chilling at home, there’s no sense in playing on your phone instead of on your PC or console, with access to a larger screen and a more comfortable control scheme. Luckily, now.gg merges the best of all these platforms and gives you access to the best possible version of Rise of Kingdoms with a click of your mouse.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll definitely want to give RoK a try on the mobile cloud. And if you’re a developer, then now.gg will significantly improve the success of your mobile game, both in the marketing as well as the gameplay aspects. Reach out today to learn how to add your game to our expanding catalog on now.gg and experience everything that mobile cloud gaming has to offer.