Mobile Cloud

Accessibility, Shareability

and Monetization

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Enabling game developers to bring mobile gaming to the next billion In just one easy step

Simply host your game on mobile cloud, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and publish the link on your website. No additional app modification required. Once hosted, mobile gamers can experience amazing game play without the need to download or install any app.

Step 1

Host your game on cloud and publish link on your website

Step 2

Share cloud game links via your social or send traffic via ads

Step 3

Integrate Cloud Payment

 for future ready cloud apps
The future of experiencing mobile apps is not through downloading or installing but through streaming on a mobile cloud OS. nowCloudOS is backward compatible with existing Android mobile apps and is fully ready for native cloud OS apps for the future.
  • Backward compatible with all Android apps

  • Ready for future cloud-native apps and hybrid edge

  • Infinity Phone

And real-time tracking on
nowStudio provides real-time tracking to game developers to monitor growth in gaming sessions and optimize campaigns to scale them further.
  • ATT Compatible
  • Facebook Ads
With nowStudio and partner MMPs, game developers can help optimize current Facebook and Google ad spends on iOS, even in the post IDFA era, while being compliant with privacy guidelines.

Reach the next billion mobile gamers through

social channels they already use

Up your game’s viral potential with the network effect
The next billion users are spending significant time on social media – the new face of word-of-mouth marketing. uses the intrinsic sharing nature of these platforms to seed and feed viral loops by making it easier to share your mobile game on different channels with just one click.
With the freedom to pay
via payment channels they already have
Earn more through higher margins seamlessly integrates its cloud payments technology with any game and allows players to use digital wallets and cryptocurrency for making in-game purchases without any credit card restrictions. It also offers developers a higher margin in-app purchase (IAP) commissions and lowers the cost for multi-device integrations.