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Future Ready, Android Compatible

  • Backward compatible with all Android apps

  • Ready for future cloud-native apps and hybrid edge

  • Infinity Phone

The future of experiencing mobile apps is not through downloading or installing but through streaming on a mobile cloud OS. nowCloudOS is already compatible with existing Android mobile apps and is fully ready for native cloud OS apps of the future.
From Android to Distributed Android
nowCloudOS applies the concept of distributed computing to Android, creating a powerful platform suited for several cloud-based applications.

The basic premise of the architecture is that as network bandwidth and latency between different devices decrease, we can distribute the computational workload to better suit the specifications of each device, thus creating a low latency cloud-based platform.
Powered by ARM, NVIDIA & AWS
now.gg has been working closely with ARM, nVidia and AWS to create the nowCloud OS. Distributed architecture enables the use of heterogeneous nodes based on availability in the cloud. This enables scaling rapidly to a world wide service which can meet the current and future demand of the game developers and consumers.

In addition, now.gg envisions all games and mobile apps to be available on the cloud within a short time span. So it’s working closely with several companies in the chip eco-system to design optimal hardware for different gaming workloads all powered by the nowCloud OS.
Infinity Phone and 5G
nowCloudOS is working with Telcos and phone manufacturers to create the Infinity phone. A phone with infinite specs powered by the vast cloud infrastructure. The infinity phone is able to transparently move apps and user data between the cloud and the device. In addition to benefits to gamers, this also provides enhanced security and privacy to the end consumer. The Infinity phone becomes even more powerful with the 5G rollouts as it can leverage the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G for this architecture.