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In this article, we'll answer the most common questions about the safety and security of playing on the mobile cloud. is a Cloud gaming service, giving gamers from all over the world instant access to their favorite Android games on any device, with the best graphics and performance. No downloads or installations are required on your device. The best part about this is that you are not constrained by the limitations of your device, such as processing power, memory, etc., since the games aren’t actually running locally on your device. You can effectively get the best gaming experience as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

However, as is usually the case whenever a new technology is released in the market, there are many concerns regarding its security and safety. We at believe that the privacy of our users is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we are committed to delivering a completely safe and reliable gaming experience on the service. Our Privacy Policy clearly details the data we do capture and what we do with it.

Here we’ll be answering some of the most common questions regarding the security and safety of gaming on

Q1: Is safe for my mobile or any other device?

It’s ALWAYS safe to play on This is not only because we follow the precepts of our Privacy Policy, but also because when you’re playing any game on, your device isn’t actually downloading or running any files in the background. In fact, the game itself is running on our servers (powerful computers) in the Cloud where all the rendering and processing is done. You are essentially interacting with the game being streamed via the Internet (like watching a YouTube video, except that it is interactive) to a web browser on your PC, phone, tablet, or any other device.

In a nutshell, since is simply streaming an interactive video within a web browser on your device, it cannot technically install any harmful files or malware, or execute malicious code.

Q2: When I login into my Google account, I immediately get an email from Google prompting me to confirm my identity.

If you’ve played on before and have tried to link your Google account to load or save your progress in any given game, there’s a good chance that you had to type in your credentials to login. Once you’ve logged in, you may have also received an email from Google saying that someone has logged into your account using an unknown device and that your security could be at risk.

This notification is a standard safety measure from Google to let users know that their account security could be compromised. However, this measure is not exclusive to logging into your account on Google sends you that email notification whenever you login to your account from a new device, e.g., when you purchase a new phone, or login to access your games or apps from a new device.

When you play a game on your mobile phone or PC, the game is always launched on that same device. However, when you play on, the game is launched on the first server that is free and available for use. When you stop playing, reclaims, refreshes, and reuses that server for another gamer. For this reason, every time you login to your Google account from, you are using a different server and are essentially logging in from a new device.

It should comfort you to know that whenever you log into your Google account on and receive this type of security notification, it doesn’t mean that your account is at risk; it’s just indicating that you have, in fact, logged in successfully from

Q3: When I log into my Google account on, I get a security notification on my phone claiming that I’m trying to login from a location that’s different from where I currently am.

Another safety concern when playing on is that some users, after logging in, receive a notification or email from Google stating that someone has accessed their accounts using an unknown device, and from an unexpected location such as other cities, states, or even a different country. While this could be a cause for concern in the normal course, this is expected due to how functions.


As we mentioned above, whenever you’re playing on, the game is rendered on a server on the Cloud and you’re actually streaming the game to your device via the Internet. The servers are distributed on the Cloud, physically located in several different regions around the world. For this reason, whenever you login to your Google account from, Google recognizes and notifies you that the server on which you’re currently playing is located in a country unexpectedly different from your home country.

Q4: Can steal or save my game login credentials or personal financial info? enables gamers to run Android games on the Cloud. has no access to the gamer’s login credentials or any other personal financial data provided by the gamer while playing that game. While the game is indeed running on the Cloud, the login prompt is coming from within the Android game. The game is collecting that data and processing it within its own security envelope, it is neither visible nor accessible to

An incidental benefit of gaming on is that because the apps run on our remote servers, you do not require to grant any special access permissions on your devices. 

Q5: Will I get banned if I play any game on

The server is essentially a powerful Android computer that is running remotely on our Cloud. Playing on servers is the same as playing on an Android phone that can be accessed remotely from any other device. Hence you should not get banned.