Matchington Mansion Tools & Power-ups: Everything You Need to Know

Learn how to use tools and power-ups in Matchington Mansion to breeze through levels effortlessly. These tools can help you pass many levels with ease.

Matchington Mansion on is a fun puzzle game where you match tiles to renovate a mansion. In this game, tools and power-ups are super helpful to get through each level. They make hard levels easier and save you time.

You can get these special items by completing tasks, logging in daily, or during events. And if you use these tools and power-ups wisely, you can easily beat challenging levels and progress faster.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the tools and power-ups that you need to succeed in Matchingon Mansion. This way, you can finally complete rebuilding that old mansion for your in-game character.

What Are Tools in Matchington Mansion?

In this Match-3 game, tools help you clear tiles and obstacles. You can receive these tools as rewards for completing levels, logging in daily, or taking part in special events.

But what’s really important is to use tools wisely. They can save you when you’re stuck on a tricky level. Also, they can even help you out when feeling like you’re stuck in a rut.

Now, as much as you want to, please don’t waste them. You might need these tools later and at even more challenging levels!

Here are some tools that you can use in the game:


Glove - Matchington Mansion

The Glove lets you switch two neighboring pieces without using a move. This tool is best used to create a powerful match, like placing two bombs or firecrackers next to each other.

Swapping pieces to form a big match can make a huge difference, especially if it triggers a chain reaction. It’s especially useful when you’re close to completing a level but need one last big move.


Hammer - Matchington Mansion

The Hammer is a handy tool in Matchington Mansion. It lets you smash a single space on the board. This tool is great for when you need to break a single piece to complete a match or clear an obstacle.

Now, the best time to use the Hammer is when you have one move left and need just one more time to finish a level. It’s also useful for breaking one layer of a multi-layered obstacle. Just be careful not to waste it on simple moves.


Broom - Matchington Mansion

The Broom is a powerful tool that clears all pieces and one layer of obstacles in a horizontal and vertical line – it forms a cross. This makes it perfect for tackling multiple obstacles at once.

To get the most out of the Broom, use it early in the puzzle. This way, you free up space and have more room to work with your remaining moves.

Position the Broom to clear the maximum number of obstacles and tiles. If you’re nearing the end of a level and need to collect many items quickly, the Broom can save the day by clearing a large area in one go.

Tip: Use these tools when you’re stuck, but always think ahead to get the most out of them!

What Are Power-Ups?

Power-ups in Matchington Mansion are special items that you use before starting a level. Unlike tools, you can’t choose where to place them as they appear randomly on the board.

You can get these power-ups in the same way as the tools – by completing tasks, logging in daily, or joining events.

Using power-ups wisely can make challenging levels a breeze. So, create a plan on when to use them so you don’t waste these valuable boosts. They can be the difference between finishing a level or getting stuck.

Here are some power-ups that you can use:

Rainbow Bomb

Rainbow Bomb - Matchington Mansion

The Rainbow Bomb is a powerful tool that clears all tiles of a single color from the board. This can be a game-changer, especially on levels with multiple layers of obstacles.

Now, the best way to use a Rainbow Bomb is to match it with another one. If you do this, you’ll create a huge explosion that clears the entire board, which is super helpful on tough levels.

But if you can’t match it with another Rainbow Bomb, use it to clear the most common color on the board. This will help free up space and create more opportunities for matches. Look for colors that will break the most obstacles or help you complete your level goals.

Firecrackers & Rockets

Firecrackers & Rockets - Matchington Mansion

Firecrackers and Rockets are two of the most common power-ups in Matchington Mansion. Firecrackers come in two types: small ones that clear a small area and big ones that have a larger blast radius. Rockets, on the other hand, clear all pieces and obstacles in a straight line, either horizontally or vertically.

To get the best results, use Firecrackers and Rockets together. This combo creates a massive explosion that can clear large sections of the board.

Use them separately to target specific areas that need clearing. For example, a Rocket is perfect for clearing a row or column filled with obstacles, while a Firecracker is great for breaking up clusters of tiles.

Always try to position these power-ups next to each other for a bigger impact.

Tip: Combine different power-ups for the biggest effects and to clear tricky levels faster! Use these Matchington Mansion tips and tricks Link to this article (Matchington Mansion tips and tricks) to help you win more.

How to Use These Tools and Power-ups

Tools and Power-ups - Matchington Mansion

To make the most of your tools and power-ups in Matchington Mansion, make sure to:

  1. Use them wisely.
  2. Don’t rush to use a tool just because you have it.
  3. Save them for moments when you’re really stuck or facing a tough level.

For example, if you’re one move away from winning, a well-timed tool can make all the difference. So, always plan ahead. Look at the board and think about the best time to use your power-ups.

Combining them can create bigger effects and clear more tiles. Keep in mind that saving your resources for higher levels where puzzles are harder can help you progress faster.

If you want a simpler way to use these tools, make sure to play Matchington Mansion on The platform allows you to play for free on any device, be it a mobile phone, PC, laptop, or Chromebook, directly on your browser!

Tip: Be patient and strategic with your tools and power-ups for the best results!

Final Thoughts

Tools and power-ups in Matchington Mansion are your best friends for beating tough levels. So, use them wisely to save yourself some time and effort. Try out these strategies and see how much easier the game becomes.

You can play Matchington Mansion for free on any device without downloading a single file. Just hop on and start enjoying the game right away. Have fun and happy matching!