A Complete Matchington Mansion Beginner's Guide for New Players

Do you want to learn the essentials of Matchington Mansion? Read our beginner's guide to understand what the game's all about and much more on now.gg!

Matchington Mansion on now.gg is a fun and addictive match-3 game where you get to fix up a rundown mansion. As you solve puzzles, you earn stars to help redecorate each room.

The game combines puzzle-solving with a creative story, which makes it enjoyable for all ages. While it’s easy to start, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you play better and progress faster.

With engaging characters and beautiful design options, Matchington Mansion keeps you entertained for hours. Are you ready to solve the puzzles and see your dream mansion come to life? Let’s get started!

How to Get Started

In Matchington Mansion, you inherit a rundown mansion, and your goal is to fix it by solving match-3 puzzles. Each puzzle you complete earns you stars, which you use to redecorate rooms.

Creating an account on now.gg is easy and helps you save your progress in the cloud. Just sign up, log in, and you’re good to go.

You can play Matchington Mansion on any device – PC, laptop, mobile phone, or Chromebook. There’s no need for powerful hardware, just a good internet connection. Plus, you can play the game for free on now.gg, making it super convenient and accessible.

Tip: Sign up on now.gg to save your game progress and play on any device!

Important Tips for Beginners

Playing Matchington Mansion on now.gg can be a lot of fun, but knowing a few tricks can make it even better. Here are some easy tips to help you breeze through the levels and enjoy the game more.

Strategies for Completing Levels Efficiently

To do well in Matchington Mansion:

  1. Plan your moves.
  2. Look at the board before making a move.
  3. Try to see patterns and think a few steps ahead.

This way, you can make the most out of each move and complete levels faster.

Focus on Bottom Matching for Better Results

Matching tiles at the bottom of the board can cause a chain reaction. This will help clear more tiles above and give you new matches. It’s a great way to increase your chances of creating special tiles and combos.

Prioritizing Objectives and Planning Moves

Always keep your level goals in mind. Focus on what you need to collect or clear. Don’t get distracted by making random matches. Plan your moves to tackle the main objectives first. This helps you use your moves efficiently and finish levels with more stars.

Using Power-Ups and Combos Effectively

Power-ups and combos can make a big difference. Create them whenever you can, and use them wisely. For example, matching four tiles in a row can create a Rocket that clears a whole line. Combining power-ups can clear large areas of the board and help you reach your goals faster.

Tip: Always look for opportunities to make special tiles and use them to clear tough spots.

Don’t Waste Your Tools and Boosters

Tools and boosters can make a big difference in Matchington Mansion. Pre-game boosters like the Rocket, Bomb, and Disco Ball give you a head start. In-level boosters such as the Glove, Hammer, and Broom help you out during tricky spots.

The Glove lets you swap any two tiles, the Hammer smashes a single tile, and the Broom clears a whole row and column. Use these tools wisely. For example, save the Hammer for the last few moves when you’re close to completing a goal.

The Broom is great for when you need to clear a large area quickly. Always think about the best time to use each booster for maximum effect.

Tip: Use boosters strategically to get through tough levels more easily!

How to Deal with Obstacles

Obstacles in Matchington Mansion can slow you down, but with the right approach, you can clear them quickly. Books are common obstacles – you need to match tiles close to the books to remove them. Tables with plates are another challenge – you have to match tiles to remove the plates and clear the tables.

Clearing obstacles early in the game is important because it frees up space and makes it easier to create matches. Focus on these obstacles as soon as they appear. With these Matchington Mansion tips and tricks, you can avoid getting stuck and keep progressing smoothly through the levels.

Tip: Clear obstacles early to open up more space and make matches easier!

Mini-Games and Events

Matchington Mansion isn’t just about match-3 puzzles; it also has fun mini-games. These mini-games pop up occasionally and offer a nice break from the regular gameplay. You might find yourself spotting differences in pictures or solving quick puzzles.

Completing mini-games can earn you stars, which helps you progress faster in the main game. They are quick, easy, and a fun way to earn extra rewards without much effort.

Limited-time events are another exciting feature. These events last for a few hours or days and offer special rewards. Participating in these events can get you infinite lives for a limited time, exclusive decor items, or extra boosters.

The events add a layer of excitement and give you more goals to work towards. Make sure to check the game regularly so you don’t miss out on these opportunities. Playing in events not only boosts your progress but also keeps the game fresh and engaging.

Tip: Join limited-time events to snag some awesome rewards and boost your gameplay!

How to Effectively Manage Your Resources

Managing your gold in Matchington Mansion is crucial for long-term success. Gold can be earned by completing levels, but it’s easy to spend it quickly. So, save your gold for important things like extra moves or special decor changes.

Avoid using gold for unnecessary items. Planning your decor changes wisely can also save you a lot of gold. Stick to one decor style for a while before switching it up. This way, you won’t waste gold on frequent changes.

Think ahead before spending gold on boosters. Use boosters only when you’re really stuck or facing a hard level. It’s tempting to use them all the time, but saving them for tough spots will help you more in the long run.

Tip: Save your gold for crucial moments and plan your decor changes to avoid wasting resources!


Matchington Mansion is a fun game that combines puzzles and home decorating. Remember to plan your moves, use power-ups wisely, and clear obstacles early.

Also, you can enjoy the mini-games and take part in events for extra rewards on special occasions. Manage your gold carefully and plan your decor changes to save resources. Most importantly, have fun exploring and playing.

The best part is you can enjoy Matchington Mansion on any device, whether it’s your PC, laptop, or Chromebook. Plus, with now.gg, you don’t need to download anything – just jump in and start playing!