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Scary Teacher 3D

Simulation Games
Z & K Games

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Scary Teacher 3D is a simulation game developed by Z & K Games and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

Play Scary Teacher 3D online for free with mobile cloud. Fight back against the cruel and unusual punishment handed out by your creepy teacher in Scary Teacher 3D the Simulation game by Z & K Games.


Students have been subjected to threats, physical punishment, and even torture by the dreaded teacher. You’ve chosen to scare your new neighbor, the terrifying teacher, in order to teach her a lesson.


What is the best way to retaliate? Time to frighten the “Creepy Teacher” with varied actions and the release of pets under her care. Without getting caught and within the time limit, you must perform your assignments and duties.


Miss T’s house features 15 rooms, all of which have some sort of unexplained mystery. Photos of victim children, threatened animals, chocolate cake and chocolates will be recovered. Also keep in mind that the “BASEMENT” contains a pleasant surprise.


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