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Infinity Kingdom


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Fight for the land of Norheim, and defend it against the evil gnomes and invading players. Infinity Kingdom is a strategy game developed by Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Gnomes laid an attack against Norheim 3 years ago and led the mechanical army to attack. Now the survival of humanity is hanging in the balance. 


To save Norhiem, the immortals have gathered together to bring back peace. Gnomes have destroyed the cities like a plague of locusts. People need a lord to save them. To play Infinity Kingdom online from the browser, click on the play button below. Use a PC or mobile web browser and start playing games online for free on 


Goodbye lengthy downloads and nagging updates. Play your favorite Infinity Kingdom in the cloud on your PC or mobile without having to download or install the game. Make your old phone or PC, or any device, a powerful gaming machine instantly. 


Share the game’s link with your friends on social media quickly and introduce them to a new way of playing games. Logged in to a new device? No worries. With mobile cloud, you can resume a game on another screen without losing progress. So get in Infinity Kingdom right away and start slaying.


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