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Play LokiCraft online for free with mobile cloud. Build your very own digital world in LokiCraft, the creative sandbox Arcade game from akseno2. In LokiCraft, players are given the tools and freedom to carve the world in whatever shape they want.


Gather resources and craft all sorts of tools, blocks, and weapons to help you survive and construct your own custom structures. Tired of fighting for your life in Hunter Mode? Jump into the Builder Mode where you’re given total freedom to build and destroy.


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How can I play LokiCraft without downloading?

Play LokiCraft online from a web browser on a PC or mobile on No need to download the game anymore to play them. Tap on the play button to open the game instantly in the browser and start playing.

Is LokiCraft available on PC?

Yes, play LokiCraft on PC with just a web browser. No need to download the game or any additional application to run it. Start playing games in browser with, tap on the play button, and open the game instantly.

How do I install LokiCraft on PC?

No need to install LokiCraft on PC to play it. Play online without downloading, just using a web browser. Tap on the play button to open the game and start playing it on PC, no need to wait anymore. Instant gaming only on