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Story games are like choose-your-own-adventure books come to life! Instead of just reading a story, you get to play a part in it and decide what happens next. Imagine you’re watching a movie, but every now and then, the movie stops and asks YOU what the character should do next. 


You can play story games with friends or even by yourself.  There might be a special board or cards with pictures and words on them, or it could even be a computer game. No matter how you play, you’ll get to make choices for the characters, like whether they should go left or right, fight a monster, or try to solve a puzzle.


The coolest part is that every choice you make changes the story!  Maybe you choose to be brave and fight the monster, and that leads you to a hidden treasure. Or maybe you choose to be sneaky and avoid the monster, and that takes you to a secret forest full of talking animals.


Story games can be anything from silly and funny to really exciting and mysterious.  The choices you make will affect the world around you and the characters you meet.  So, if you ever wanted to be part of an adventure story, story games are the perfect way to do it!  Will you be a courageous knight or a cunning detective? It’s all up to you and the choices you make!