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Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle? It’s where you have a picture cut up into a bunch of weird shapes, and you gotta put all the pieces together to see the whole picture again. Well, Jigsaw Puzzle games are exactly like that, but on your computer or phone!

Imagine you have a box filled with colorful puzzle pieces, but instead of dumping them all out on the floor, you have a flat-screen to work on.  The pieces might be shaped like stars, squiggles, or even tiny animals!  Your job is to drag and drop these pieces around the screen, trying to fit them together until the whole picture is complete.

Just like a real jigsaw puzzle, it can be tricky! You gotta look at the colors, shapes, and even the picture on the box (sometimes the game shows you a tiny picture of what the finished puzzle should look like) to figure out where each piece goes.  Some Jigsaw Puzzle games have really easy puzzles with just a few pieces, while others can be super challenging with hundreds of tiny pieces!