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The stylish fashionistas are the ones who inspire the creation of hair games. You can use your sense of style to completely transform virtual characters by giving them new hairstyles, colors, and makeup! Take charge of your very own salon and oversee other stylists to maintain client satisfaction. 


All of our salon games have vibrant graphics and a wide range of styles to keep you occupied and amused. As you give your clients the haircut or makeover they’ve always desired, use professional salon equipment like specialized scissors, blow dryers, and brushes.


Games with controls that require almost no learning are ideal for hair enthusiasts of all kinds. To use professional salon tools and make beautiful cuts, simply point and click the mouse. In our salon games, you can apply various shades of makeup, give your clients accessories, and let them see a virtual reflection of themselves! 


Even give your clients a deep shampoo before changing their style for the full salon experience. We’ve included a ton of customization options because there are countless options for the ideal makeover. You can find the ideal makeup look to go with your new haircut in many of these games. Until you find the perfect combination of blush, foundation, and lipstick, experiment with different colors.