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FPS games are mostly about battles. You’ll fight enemies using guns, bows, and arrows, or even futuristic laser weapons! You can see your arms and the weapon you’re holding on the screen, just like you would see your own if you were holding it yourself.

You’re in the middle of an exciting adventure game, but instead of watching the action from afar, you see everything through the character’s eyes! That’s what FPS games, or First-Person Shooter games, are all about. It’s like you’re actually there, holding the weapon and facing whatever challenges come your way.

The goal can be different depending on the game. Sometimes you might be a soldier fighting against bad guys or a space explorer battling aliens. You might even be a police officer chasing after robbers!

It’s important to be quick and sneaky in FPS games. You need to dodge attacks from enemies and aim carefully to shoot back. Some FPS games let you play with friends, so you can work together as a team to complete missions or defeat other teams of players.

Just remember, FPS games can be fast-paced and exciting, but they often involve pretend violence. Make sure they’re age-appropriate before you play, and there are always other types of games out there if shooting isn’t your thing!