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One of the most recent online trends is playing farm games where you control your own animals, crops, and tools. You can now take control of your own rural land and join in the fun with our difficult games! While you sow seeds, grow crops, and pray for favorable weather, solve puzzles. Combat pests that try to eat your crops and rival other farmers in your area. 


You can turn your crops into products and sell them in a variety of markets in some of our farm challenges. Even start your own dynasty in Europe by expanding your crop business to a Celtic village. In these farm games, you can unwind by tending to honey bees or gardening on a smaller scale. Playing our vibrant adventures, which include entertaining characters and a variety of difficulties, will be enjoyable for you. 


Plant vegetable seeds, grow fruits on trees, and purchase harvesting machinery that you can actually drive. You can even play as chickens running around the landscape laying eggs in some farm challenges. Play one of our milking games if you enjoy cows. You’ll be in a race against time to milk every cow before it’s too late.


Farm games somehow manage to bring the smelly, dusty charm of the farm right into your living room. If the closest farm is hundreds of miles away, don’t worry—this category of free farming games will bring the cattle to you. That’s right, put on your overalls and don your straw hat—you do own one, don’t you?—because it’s time to demonstrate your prowess as a tractor-driving, cow-milking farmer.