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Be a fashion designer, a wacky car mechanic, or even a creative chef, all in a world of colorful possibilities.  These games are all about using your imagination and creativity to design amazing things, from cool outfits for silly characters to wacky vehicles that zoom and zip.  Get ready to become a design superstar!


There are all sorts of Design Games on  Some are like exciting fashion shows where you dress up goofy characters in all sorts of styles. You might choose from colorful shirts, wacky hats, and even silly shoes to create the most outrageous outfits you can imagine.  Imagine dressing up a grumpy-looking robot in a giant flower hat and sparkly boots – that sounds hilarious, right?  Or maybe you’ll design a cool outfit for a friendly alien, complete with a jetpack and a helmet shaped like a giant ice cream cone – the possibilities are endless!


Other Design Games are more like wacky invention challenges. You might build a one-of-a-kind car for a silly monster, using giant tires, bouncy springs, and maybe even a bubblegum cannon for a horn!  Imagine customizing a monster truck with giant lollipops for wheels and a rainbow-colored roof – that’d be super cool, right?  Or maybe you’ll design a wacky flying machine for a family of goofy birds, using colorful feathers and a giant slingshot to launch them into the sky – the possibilities for design fun are endless!


The best part about’s Design Games is where you can jump right in and start creating without needing to download anything.