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Clicker games are like super-simple games where tapping (or clicking on a mouse) is your superpower!  Imagine a game where you just keep clicking on something over and over, and cool stuff happens. That’s the basic idea behind clicker games.

These games are all about collecting something, like cookies, monsters, or even money in the game world.  You start by clicking on a picture or button, and with each click, you earn a little bit of that special thing.  The more you click, the faster you earn!

But here’s the neat part: even when you’re not playing, the game keeps going!  You can buy special helpers in the game with the stuff you collect.  These helpers keep earning you more and more, even when you’re not clicking.  They might be bakeries that automatically bake cookies, monster nests that keep spawning new monsters, or fancy banks that make your money grow on its own!

Clicker games can be really simple, but they can also be surprisingly deep.  There are often lots of different things to collect and upgrade, and figuring out the best way to spend your clicks can be a fun challenge.  They’re a great way to play for a little while or for a long time, depending on how much you want to click!  So next time you’re looking for a relaxing game that’s easy to learn but can be surprisingly addictive, try a clicker game!