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Play your favorite American Football Games on PC & Mobile lets you play American football games right in your web browser, no downloads required! It’s like having your own virtual football field where you can call the plays, score touchdowns, and become a champion.


If you love the excitement of real-life football, these games will have you cheering. Choose your team, perfect your passing game, and outrun the other team to reach the end zone. You can even call trick plays to surprise your opponent! Some games let you play as your favorite team or create your own custom team with awesome uniforms.’s football games aren’t just about offense. You can also play as the defense, tackling opponents and trying to stop them from scoring. There are even kicking games where you can practice your field goals and extra points.


Feeling like a coach today? Some games let you manage your entire team. Draft players, train them up, and create winning plays to dominate the season. Want a more relaxed experience? There are also fun, lighthearted football games where you can just focus on scoring amazing touchdowns.


Here’s the exciting part: some games let you play with friends online! You can have head-to-head matches, team up against a computer opponent, or even create your own leagues and compete for the championship title.