The Complete List of the Best Robots in War Robots for 2024

Are you ready to find out who the best robots are in War Robots? Master the battlefield with our top picks and strategic tips to win more battles on!

In War Robots on, players can dive into a thrilling world where controlling powerful robots in battle is the name of the game. This popular multiplayer game draws gamers who enjoy strategizing and competing in explosive matches.

Knowing which robot to pick can really make a difference in your performance. Whether you like to charge head-on into battle or sneak around taking opponents by surprise, choosing the right robot is key.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best robots in War Robots, helping you to dominate the game by making smart choices right from the start.

Choosing Your Combat Style

In War Robots, every player can find a robot that fits their style, whether they prefer sneaking around, charging in with all guns blazing, or taking a more thoughtful, strategic approach. The game features a diverse range of robots, each designed to support different combat tactics.

Stealth lovers can opt for robots that excel in hidden attacks, while those who like brute force might choose robots that can absorb a lot of damage and deal even more. Tactical players can select robots that offer strategic advantages, like controlling areas of the map or supporting teammates.

The best part is that you can play War Robots for free on and find your perfect robot match online, on any device – no download needed. Whether you’re on PC or mobile, War Robots lets you pick your combat style and dive into the action.

Tip: Think about how you like to play games – up close and personal, from a distance, or with clever maneuvers – and pick a robot that complements that style.

Top Stealth Robots

Top Stealth Robots - Ao Jun & Loki

For players who thrive on stealth and surprise, the Ao Jun is a top pick among the best robots in War Robots. This robot boasts a stealth mode that temporarily makes it invisible to enemies, perfect for sneaking up on opponents.

When it emerges from stealth, the Ao Jun unleashes havoc with its powerful flamethrower, dealing massive damage in a short burst.

Another great stealth option is the Loki. Known for its ability to move undetected, Loki excels at capturing points without drawing attention. Its fast movements and low profile make it hard for enemies to spot, letting you take strategic positions and score points quietly.

Tip: Use stealth robots in areas with plenty of cover to maximize their ability to move unseen and strike without warning. This beginner tip can help you win more fights in War Robots.

Best for Brute Force

Best for Brute Force - Fenrir & Leo

If you prefer a head-on approach, consider the Fenrir and Leo, which are among the toughest on the battlefield. The Fenrir combines heavy armor with formidable firepower, making it a tank that can lead charges and withstand serious damage. Its ability to switch between defensive and offensive modes adds versatility in combat situations.

On the other hand, Leo stands out with its high durability and significant firepower. Equipped with one heavy and three light weapon slots, Leo can sustain and deliver a lot of damage, making it ideal for close-quarters combat, where it can overpower many opponents before needing to retreat.

Tip: When using brute force robots, engage in battles where you can fully utilize their strength and durability without getting outnumbered or flanked.

Tactical Advantage Robots

Tactical Advantage Robots - Griffin & Raijin

For players looking to gain a strategic edge in positioning and mobility, the Griffin and Raijin offer big tactical advantages.

The Griffin is particularly agile with a unique jump ability that not only allows it to evade incoming fire but also to launch surprise attacks from above. This robot excels on battlefields with varied terrain, where it can leap obstacles and strike from unexpected angles.

Raijin is a fortress on legs. It features a stationary defense mode that boosts its resistance to damage, making it nearly impregnable when holding down positions. Ideal for guarding key points on the map, Raijin can turn the tide in team-based scenarios where holding territory is crucial.

Tip: Deploy Raijin on choke points to maximize its defensive capabilities and use Griffin’s mobility to disrupt enemy lines. You can also use the robots with the hardest-hitting weapons to surprise the enemy.

Robots with Special Abilities

Robots with Special Abilities - Leech & Carnage

Among the best robots in War Robots, Leech and Carnage stand out for their unique abilities that can turn battles in their favor.

Leech has the remarkable ability to redirect damage it takes back to its enemies, effectively using their own strength against them. This makes it incredibly dangerous in one-on-one confrontations.

Carnage, with its built-in energy shield, specializes in ambush tactics. The shield allows it to approach enemies undetected and unleash a barrage of firepower before slipping away unscathed. This robot is perfect for hit-and-run tactics and can significantly disrupt enemy formations.

Tip: Use Leech in the thick of battle to capitalize on its damage-leeching power and deploy Carnage to target isolated enemies or small groups, maximizing its ambush potential.

Tips for Choosing and Playing With Robots in War Robots

Picking the right robot in War Robots can be a game-changer. Here are some simple tips to help you pick and play with your mechanical warrior:

  • Match your style: Pick a robot that aligns with how you like to play – aggressive, stealthy, or supportive.
  • Know your role: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your robot to maximize its effectiveness in various battle situations.
  • Upgrade wisely: Invest in upgrading your robot’s weapons and armor to keep up with tougher opponents.
  • Practice makes perfect: Spend time practicing with each robot to get a feel for its capabilities and limitations.
  • Team play: Coordinate with your team to choose robots that complement each other, enhancing your overall strategy.

Tip: Always check the battlefield layout and match type before selecting your robot to ensure it suits the game scenario.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best robots in War Robots can make a huge difference in how you enjoy the game and perform in battles. Each robot offers unique advantages that can enhance your gameplay, whether you prefer sneaky attacks or straightforward combat.

Trying out the top robots will not only boost your skills but also give you a better shot at winning more matches. So, whether you’re playing for fun or competitively, selecting a robot that fits your style is crucial.

To experience the thrill of commanding these powerful machines, why not play for free on You can play online on any device, whether on PC or mobile, without downloading a single file.