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War Robots, a creation of Pixonic, is an expansive multiplayer game. Engaging in 6v6 combats on fourteen distinctive maps, players face opponents globally in heavily armored machines. Upgrading these robots and their gears increases the likelihood of achieving victory.

This dynamic action game engages players in thrilling combat scenarios, each lasting up to ten minutes. Participants have two options for emerging victorious: capturing beacons located on the map or eliminating all opponents. War Robots provide an array of machines, each possessing unique abilities to help players gain an upper hand on the battlefield.

A selection of devastating weaponry is available to obliterate foes. From powerful energy weapons to explosive rockets capable of breaching enemy fortifications, these weapons can significantly influence the game’s outcome.


Glacier is a distinctive weapon that freezes adversaries with each discharge. This short-range weapon becomes accessible at level 20 and can be acquired for 6,000 Gold. It is particularly effective against swift-moving robots, immobilizing Dash-ability robots like Kumiho, Strider, and Bolt.

The Glacier weapon has a distinct advantage with its splash damage capability, capable of slowing down adversaries even when they are in large numbers. With a substantial ammo capacity and high burst damage, it can effectively penetrate physical shields.


Thunder is a beginning weapon that becomes available to users once they reach level 7. This kinetic firearm is adept at decimating enemy robots during close to medium-range engagements. The precision of this initial Tier weapon diminishes with the increasing distance of adversaries. The shells of this heavy weapon have the capability to scatter, which is advantageous when confronting formidable robots. The reloading time stands at ten seconds with a capacity of five rounds per cartridge.

A strategic coupling in War Robots is the setup of Thunder on Raijin. Employing the Bastion Mode ability in Raijin leads to a significant enhancement in the destructive power of the weapon by a remarkable 30%. This blend turns out to be incredibly formidable.


Prisma stands as a preferred weapon for long-distance assaults, usually wielded by snipers for taking down adversaries from strategic spots across the map. This energy firearm inflicts significant damage on foes on expansive maps like Dreadnought, Rome, and Shenzhen. Each strike from Prisma has the potential to inflict 2,940 points of damage, with a reloading time of 13 seconds.

This Tier IV weapon houses a magazine that can store up to 40 rounds. While Prisma may not prove as effective in close or mid-range skirmishes, it shines in long-distance engagements where its damage does not diminish with range. Another striking feature of this heavy-duty weapon is its solid beam projection on targets, serving as a warning signal for oblivious enemies.


Hornet, a shell-firing weapon, has the capability to wreak havoc on robots from a maximum distance of 600 meters. With its kinetic properties, this weapon demands a longer reloading time of twelve seconds, making it necessary for players to find shelter after exhausting their ammunition. Jesse and Butch’s robots make an ideal pairing with Hornet due to their Quick Draw ability. This feature allows the user to swap weapon sets swiftly while the deactivated set reloads.

Possessing a linear trajectory and substantial accuracy at mid-range confrontations, this formidable weapon inflicts 1,870 damage per hit. Moreover, it introduces Corrosion – an additional effect causing 160 damage per second, making it even more lethal to opponents.


Thermite, a Tier III weapon, is an explosive apparatus capable of wreaking havoc on close-range enemies. Available for purchase at 3,000 Gold, it possesses a lock-on system that efficiently tracks enemies within the combat area. With its capability to house up to four missiles, each one inflicts a considerable 4,050 damage at a maximum range of 350 meters.

However, it is essential for the users to strategically take cover during battles, considering Thermite demands a ten-second reloading time. Furthermore, adversaries employing shield protections like Anciles can effectively resist missile damage, necessitating careful use of this weapon.


Available to players at level 19, Ember is a formidable energy-based weapon, functioning like a flamethrower, capable of charring foes within a range of 350 meters. It boasts a potent damage per second (DPS) potential, inflicting up to 297 damage per liter of its fiery discharge. Ember, however, comes with a slower firing pace, making it a challenge to target swiftly moving enemies.

With a generous ammunition capacity of 200 liters and a swift reloading time of merely five seconds, Ember is designed for prolonged combat scenarios. The high DPS, coupled with the rapid reload time, make this weapon a lethal tool in any drawn-out battle scenario. Additionally, it possesses the unique capability to penetrate both physical and energy-based defenses, underscoring its status as a heavy-duty weapon.

King Dae

The Kang Dae, a kinetic weapon capable of dealing substantial damage, is popular among newcomers to the game. It is a single-shot weapon that inflicts a whopping 5,070 damage per bullet, making it a formidable tool in combat. Its enhanced accuracy over mid to long-range distances only adds to its effectiveness.

Equipping the Kang Dae on the Natasha robot can be a strategic choice, particularly on maps like Carrier and Yamantau that feature vast open areas with scarce cover. Despite its slower firing speed, which could be a disadvantage when engaging enemies behind cover, the Kang Dae stands out with its swift reload time. In less than six seconds, it is ready to fire the next round.


Purchasable for 5,000 Gold, the Dragoon is a Tier III weapon known for dealing heavy damage. Its prowess shines in mid-range combat, and its precise shots can hit robots located as far as 600 meters away. The weapon’s effectiveness is further amplified on compact maps like Canyon, Power Plant, Springfield, and Valley.

The Dragoon can easily eliminate heavy robots with each plasmoid inflicting up to 3,255 damage. Its clip is capable of storing up to four plasmoids, although it requires a twelve-second reload time. The weapon’s strength lies in its ability to penetrate energy shields effortlessly.

Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles on and Dominate the Battlefield

With the top-8 weapons mentioned on this list, you’re sure to wreak a considerable amount of havoc on your foes. Give each weapon the time it deserves before you master them and take out your foes in a flurry of bullets.

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