The Ultimate Super Sus Beginner's Guide for New Players

Are you feeling a little bit sneaky today? Well, you can become an impostor in Super Sus and eliminate all other users by reading this beginner's guide.

In Super Sus on, you can play a fun game where you figure out who the impostors are, just like in Among Us. But here, you have cool 3D graphics and more types of characters to play. The main goal is to spot the impostors in your team before they win.

Now, in this Super Sus beginner’s guide, we’ll show you how to play well, covering the basic rules, different roles, and some smart strategies. You can play for free and get right into the action on any device – no download needed, just through

Keep your eyes open, and trust no one too quickly!

Understanding the Game Basics

Super Sus is a fun online game where you work with others or play the trickster. As a team member, you do different tasks on a spaceship and try to figure out who the impostors are. 

These impostors pretend to do tasks but mess things up and try to win secretly. Finishing your tasks or uncovering the fakers before they take over the ship is critical.

In Super Sus, you join a group where everyone has jobs to do. Some players are secretly impostors who try to ruin your plans. Your mission, if you are not the impostor, is to complete your tasks and figure out who is trying to trick the team. If you’re the impostor, your goal is to secretly disrupt the crew without getting caught.

To start playing Super Sus, just go online, choose play on, and you can join a game. You don’t need to download anything – you can play on mobile or your computer. You can join existing games or start a new one and invite friends.

Tip: Always double-check the game settings before you start to make sure you’re ready for the challenge!

Learning the Maps

In Super Sus, knowing your way around the different maps can help you a lot, whether you’re playing as a regular crew member or as the sneaky impostor. Let’s look at the four main maps you’ll play on:

  • Spaceship: This starting map features straightforward tasks and a symmetrical layout, making it easier for new players.
  • Air Force Lab: Set high above Earth, this smaller map has fewer hiding spots, requiring more cunning play.
  • Mars Base: A remote research facility on Mars with more complex tasks and spaces that benefit strategic impostors.
  • Giant Airship: The most extensive map, full of tricky movement options like ladders and moving platforms, perfect for elaborate strategies.

Each map has its quirks, so it’s smart to:

  • Learn the layout: Know where tasks are located and where you can hide or find others.
  • Use features to your advantage: Each map’s unique elements, like the vents in the Air Force Lab or the moving platforms in the Giant Airship, can help you escape or catch others off-guard.
  • Keep track of others: Remember where people are heading to guess their roles or plan your next move.

Tip: Spend your first few games exploring the maps without worrying too much about winning. It’ll make you much sharper for future rounds!

Roles and Responsibilities

In Super Sus, who you are in the game can make all the difference. There are many roles, each with unique abilities and tasks.

Roles like the Sheriff, Engineer, and Arsonist shake things up. The Sheriff can hunt down impostors, the Engineer has access to shortcuts like vents, and the Arsonist aims to sabotage everyone stealthily.

Each role affects how you play and what your goals are in the game. Some roles help the team by completing tasks quickly, while others create chaos or protect teammates from impostors.

Picking a role should match how you like to play. If you enjoy solving mysteries and confronting others, the Sheriff might be for you. If you prefer being sneaky, try the Arsonist.

And if you like to be in the thick of things, helping everyone, maybe the Engineer is your best fit. When you play online, think about what makes the game fun for you and choose accordingly.

Tip: Try different roles in different games to find out which style suits you best. Playing Super Sus on is easy – no download is needed, just playing online on any device!

Tips and Tricks When Playing the Game

Getting the hang of Super Sus can make your game sessions a lot more fun, whether you’re playing on PC or mobile. Here are some tips to help you play smarter.

Basic Strategies

When you start, focus on getting your tasks done quickly and watching how others move around the map. Paying attention to what other players are doing can give you clues about who might be an impostor.

In team discussions, if you see something suspicious, speak up but keep it simple so everyone understands your point.

Impostor Tips

If you’re playing as an impostor, act like you’re part of the crew. Pretend to do tasks, and when you’re alone, that’s your chance to sabotage.

Creating a good alibi means being seen in the right places at the right times. If accused, stay calm and try to turn the suspicion elsewhere without being too aggressive about it.


Using voice chat can change the game. Whether you’re trying to prove your innocence or point out someone’s suspicious behavior, how you talk can influence others.

Be clear and confident but not too pushy. If you’re the impostor, sound just as surprised and confused as everyone else when something goes wrong.

Tip: Keep your cool, whether you’re completing tasks or trying to throw others off your trail. Staying calm helps you think better and makes you less suspicious.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered the essentials in this Super Sus beginner’s guide, from understanding the game’s basics to mastering the maps and roles. 

Whether you’re on your phone or computer, Super Sus is easy to access and a blast to play with friends or other players online. You can start playing on your preferred device today and enjoy the thrill of outsmarting impostors or sneaking around as one yourself.

Have fun, stay sharp, and don’t forget to connect with others! Remember, the best way to get better is by playing more and getting involved with the community on