Piggy Game Overview: The Popular Roblox Horror Game

Piggy on Roblox is a thrilling horror game with fun puzzles and spooky chases. Find out (in this guide) how to play for free online on any device with now.gg.

Piggy on now.gg is a super popular survival horror game on Roblox. Millions of players love its mix of spooky fun and tricky puzzles. In this game, you must escape from a creepy character while solving puzzles and unlocking doors.

In this article, we will give you a complete overview of Piggy, covering how to play, the storyline, key characters, and the different game modes. Plus, you’ll find out how to play Piggy on now.gg, making it easy to jump in and start having fun right away.

What Is Piggy?

Piggy is an interesting game on Roblox where you try to escape from a creepy character by solving puzzles. Created by MiniToon in January 2020, it quickly became a favorite.

The game was inspired by the kids’ show Peppa Pig and the horror game Granny. It mixes cute characters with spooky challenges, making it unique and fun.

You can play Piggy for free on now.gg. The platform allows you to enjoy this minigame online, and on any device – whether on PC, mobile, iPad, Chromebook, or tablet – without having to download Roblox on your device.

Tip: Use headphones while playing to fully enjoy the spooky sound effects and get immersed in the game.

How Do You Play Piggy on Roblox on now.gg?

Understanding how Piggy works is key to having fun. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics.

Controls and Basic Mechanics

On PC, use the keyboard and mouse to move and interact. If you use a mobile, tap the screen. The main goal is to solve puzzles, use items, and escape from Piggy.

You’ll find keys, tools, and other items scattered around the map to help you unlock doors and overcome obstacles.

Survivor’s Tasks

As a survivor, your job is to find and use items to escape. Look for keys to open doors, hammers to break barriers, and other tools to help you out.

Common tasks include finding colored keys, unlocking doors, and avoiding traps. Each map has unique challenges, so stay alert!

Piggy’s Role

If you’re Piggy, your mission is to catch all the survivors. Piggy on Roblox characters have different abilities to make the chase more exciting. Some can set traps, while others move faster or have special skills. Each round, a player or a bot becomes Piggy, which makes every game a bit different.

Special Game Modes

Piggy on Roblox has several game modes to keep things fresh:

  • Player: One player is Piggy, and the rest are survivors.
  • Bot: Piggy is controlled by the computer.
  • Player + Bot: Both a player and a bot are Piggy.
  • Infection: Caught survivors become Piggy.
  • Traitor: One player secretly works with Piggy.
  • Swarm: New Piggies spawn over time.
  • Tag: Survivors and Piggies swap roles when caught.

Tip: Try all game modes to find your favorite and keep the game exciting!

Storyline and Chapters

The game starts with an infection that has spread, turning characters into zombie-like creatures. Your main quest is to find George Piggy, who has gone missing.

You play as a police officer on a mission to uncover the truth behind the infection and find George. Along the way, you face many dangers and meet various characters, like Doggy, Bunny, and Mr. P. Each chapter reveals more about the infection and brings you closer to solving the mystery.

Piggy has two main books, each with several chapters:

Book 1:

  • Chapter 1: House – Start your journey in a simple house.
  • Chapter 2: Station – Escape from a police station.
  • Chapter 3: Gallery – Solve puzzles in an art gallery.
  • Chapter 4: Forest – Navigate through a spooky forest.
  • Chapter 5: School – Find clues in an abandoned school.
  • Chapter 6: Hospital – Escape from a creepy hospital.
  • Chapter 7: Metro – Travel through an underground metro.
  • Chapter 8: Carnival – Survive the horrors of a carnival.
  • Chapter 9: City – Avoid Piggy in a bustling city.
  • Chapter 10: Mall – Search for George in a shopping mall.
  • Chapter 11: Outpost – Uncover secrets in a military outpost.
  • Chapter 12: Plant – Confront Mr. P and learn the truth.

Book 2:

  • Chapter 1: Alleys – Begin a new adventure in dark alleys.
  • Chapter 2: Store – Search for supplies in a store.
  • Chapter 3: Refinery – Rescue friends from a refinery.
  • Chapter 4: Safe Place – Defend your base from enemies.
  • Chapter 5: Sewers – Escape through the dangerous sewers.
  • Chapter 6: Factory – Face off against tough foes in a factory.
  • Chapter 7: Port – Find a way out through the port.
  • Chapter 8: Ship – Navigate through a spooky ship.
  • Chapter 9: Docks – Survive the dangers at the docks.
  • Chapter 10: Temple – Unravel mysteries in an ancient temple.
  • Chapter 11: Camp – Fight through a dangerous camp.
  • Chapter 12: Lab – Discover the final secrets in the lab.

There are also special events and limited-time chapters that add extra excitement to the game.

Tip: Keep track of the story to fully enjoy the twists and turns!

Piggy Roblox Characters

Piggy Roblox characters add a lot of fun and depth to the game. Here’s a quick look at some key players.

  • George: The missing kid you need to find. He’s central to the story.
  • Doggy: Your police partner who helps you but also faces trouble.
  • Bunny: A crossbow-wielding friend who’s helpful but has a mysterious infection.
  • Pony and Zizzy: Loyal allies who assist you in various chapters.
  • Mr. P: The mysterious NPC behind the infection with a complex backstory.
  • Zee and Zuzy: Linked closely to Pony and George, adding more connections and depth to the story.

There are friendly and hostile NPCs in Piggy. Friendly NPCs like Bunny and Doggy help you by providing items or stunning Piggy. Hostile NPCs, like Piggy itself, chase and try to catch you. Each NPC adds a unique twist to the gameplay, making every round unpredictable.

Tip: Always look for friendly NPCs because they can be a big help in tough spots.

Items and Obstacles

Items and obstacles are key parts of Piggy’s gameplay. In Piggy, you’ll find various items such as keys, tools, and weapons.

Keys open locked doors, tools like hammers and wrenches help clear paths, and weapons can temporarily stun Piggy. Each item is crucial for solving puzzles and progressing through the game.

Players face common obstacles like locked doors, blocked paths, and traps set by Piggy. To overcome these, you need to find and use the right items. Being quick and strategic helps you avoid getting caught.

Piggy is one of the best minigames on Roblox!

Tip: Work with teammates to quickly find and use items.


Piggy is an exciting and fun game that keeps you on your toes with its puzzles and creepy chases. Anyone who loves a good challenge and a bit of horror must try this game.

Plus, you can play Piggy on now.gg, which means you can jump in and play online for free on any device – no download is needed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on an iPad, Chromebook, tablet, laptop, PC, or mobile,  – just start playing on now.gg and enjoy the moment.