Anime Fighters Simulator on - How to Start and Progress in this Character Collector Roblox RPG

Check out the best tips and tricks for playing and progressing in the Anime Fighters Simulator Roblox experience when playing on

Playing games on Roblox is a surreal experience, quite detached from regular gaming. The majority of the creations on this awesome platform are made by other users like you or us, who might not be very experienced in game design or programming, and might just be taking a shot at it for fun. And while there are many creations that definitely stand out among the rest in terms of quality, uniqueness, and entertainment factor, there are also countless others that aren’t very good, which makes finding the good ones a bit difficult.

To this end, we’ve taken to writing top 10 lists of the best Roblox creations every so often, with the most recent one being released a few days ago. Feel free to check out our top 10 Roblox creations for May 2022 if you want to find a few suggestions of titles to enjoy on this platform. 

Anime Fighters Simulator is one of the creations featured in our top 10 list, which we thoroughly enjoyed since it combines character collecting aspects like in a gacha RPG, with real-time combat deploying your characters like in Pokémon. However, like with many other adventure games in Roblox, getting started here can be a bit confusing since you don’t really know what to do, which is precisely why we decided to write this guide.

If you’re interested in playing Anime Fighters Simulator on Roblox through, we’ll be sharing a few beginner tips and tricks so that you can get your bearings early on and don’t spend too much time wandering aimlessly.

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Starting Your Adventure

Anime Fighters Simulator starts like many other Roblox creations: With your character randomly spawning among a few NPCs, and no indication on what you have to do. What you’ll have to do here before anything else is to save up a few coins so you can roll in the gacha and get your first few new fighters.

Luckily, you start with your very own fighter, which is obviously inspired by Goku from the Dragon Ball series, and one that you can send out to fight and grind in your name. Moreover, there are many different enemies just standing around the starting area, called “Blue Force”, which when defeated drop Yen, the game’s main currency. You can command your fighters to attack simply by clicking on the enemy. Your characters will continue attacking until the threat is defeated.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is spend a few minutes defeating Blue Force enemies until you have around 160 Yen.

Acquiring Your First Few Fighters

Anime Fighters Simulator is all about collecting and upgrading a wide variety of different characters. And though they all look cool and have flashy moves, the rarer the character, the stronger they will be. However, it’ll be a while before you actually unlock the best variants, and you’ll have to make do with what you get at the beginning.

Once you get your first couple hundred Yen, you can go to the place where you first spawned in the tutorial area, and spend it on the “Z Star” gacha. Each roll costs 80 Yen, and your goal initially will be to get a full team of three fighters, regardless of their types, which will only cost you 160 Yen. 

Once you manage to save up more cash, you can come back and perform as many rolls as you want in order to unlock the legendary and mythical characters in the Z Star gacha, which will most certainly take you many tries. This isn’t strictly necessary, though it’s nice to have some good characters under your belt early on.

The Combat System

As we mentioned just now, engaging in combat in Anime Fighters Simulator is as easy as clicking on your enemy and waiting until they’re defeated. The only thing that changes by getting better characters is the time it takes for you to take out the stronger enemies. And with HP values that quickly increase as you run into tougher variants, you’ll want to keep your team in top shape at all times.

As your characters continue launching auto attacks, you’ll notice that a blue bar above them will fill up. This bar represents your character’s special gauge that, once filled, will make your characters automatically unleash their most powerful moves. You don’t really have to worry too much about this, but in case you were wondering, this is what the blue bar represents.

As far as improving your performance in combat goes, you can actually mash the black button that’s on the bottom of the screen, which will give your characters a significant boost to their damage values. You can verify this by taking a look at your DPS values on the left side of the screen, and then comparing it to when you’re mashing the button. In our case, the DPS of our team increased by a factor of about 4 when we were mashing.

As far as purchases go, you can buy an auto clicker for 69 robux, which will remove the need for manually clicking the power button. This is one of the best investments you can make if you’re looking to sink a few robux into this creation. Alternatively, if you play Roblox on, you can simply configure a third-party auto clicker and have it mash the button for you. And since you’re basically playing on a streaming version directly through the mobile cloud, there’s no way for the game to detect this third-party tool.

Upgrading Your Fighters

Rolls in the Z Star gacha are quite cheap; you can get a few of them from defeating a single enemy later on in the tutorial. However, despite this, you’ll be getting the same fighters over and over. And while having hundreds of Sensei Ramma and Vergang can be quite disheartening, it’s not completely in vain, since these duplicate copies will come in handy when looking to upgrade your other characters.

Despite the level of your characters being randomized when you first unlock them, you can upgrade them even further in the character menu. Simply click on the character button on the left of the screen to view the list of fighters currently in your roster, as well as to equip or change them, or even to optimize your current lineup by clicking on the “Equip Best” button.

In this very same menu, you can also upgrade specific units by clicking on them, and then on “Fuse”. With this function, you can then go through all your other characters one by one and click on the ones you want to fuse into your selected fighter. For each character that you sacrifice here, you’ll get a set amount of experience, which will contribute to leveling up your selected fighter. And since you’ll probably have hundreds of duplicate units from all those Z Star gacha rolls, you’ll likely have enough to upgrade your favorite fighters and give them at least a few levels.

Progressing Through the Tutorial

Lastly, while the initial place you spawn in is a tutorial world, you can quickly move forward once you save up 8,000 Yen, which is what it’ll cost you to unlock the first actual “World”. You can unlock this place through the door that’s in the main hub of the tutorial area, simply by walking to it once you have enough money and pressing “E”.

Keep in mind that to aid you in your quest to save up money, you can also complete quests for the NPC called “Bumba”, who hangs around in the hub area. This person will give you quests that revolve around defeating a few of the colored Force enemies that are walking around the place. By completing these tasks and going back to her, she’ll give you several good rewards for your efforts, which in turn will help you to power up your team even further.

In terms of complexity, Anime Fighters Simulator is much simpler than it initially might seem. And with the beginner tips we’ve shared in this guide, you’re now ready to get started and power through the tutorial.