How to Play Project Makeover on

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Project Makeover, a highly engaging match-3 game that presents an innovative blend of puzzle-solving intertwined with elements of fashion and style. Far from the traditional match-3 games that center around home renovations or gardening, Project Makeover empowers you with the ability to positively impact people’s lives through comprehensive fashion transformations. As you traverse through the game, you are tasked with solving complex puzzles to assist individuals in revitalizing their style, offering a refreshing take on the standard match-3 narrative.

As a player, the primary gameplay of Project Makeover demands your attention to eliminate specific tiles by grouping them with at least two identical ones. The game presents the challenge of strategically clearing large quantities of specified tiles, all the while circumventing various hurdles that limit your board interactions. By strategically aligning tiles, you have the opportunity to create potent pieces that detonate in distinct patterns, enabling you to clear numerous tiles in a single move. This component introduces an added layer of strategy, making the task of conquering challenging levels an invigorating endeavor.

The progression and stages of match-3 games are usually straightforward. However, they rely heavily on RNG, where the tiles presented can significantly affect the success or failure of a level. This aspect becomes especially important in Project Makeover on because of the game’s energy system, limiting players to five lives at any given time. Once you exhaust these lives, you must wait for them to replenish before you can resume your game.

In Project Makeover, you will undertake the mission of providing critical makeovers to individuals, empowering them to chase their dreams. You’ll select from a wide array of fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture to create the perfect look. Brace yourself for interactions with dramatic characters such as egotistical fashion icons, conniving assistants, and stubborn clients in desperate need of a new wardrobe. As you navigate through fashion-themed puzzles, you’ll uncover the perfect look while also encountering challenging obstacles.

The game also allows you to stylize your avatar, creating your unique signature style for the red carpet. Visiting friends and observing their avatar’s styles adds another fun dimension to the game. The satisfaction of blasting through levels with exciting power-ups offering explosive benefits makes the game even more thrilling.

With a perfect blend of style and strategy, Project Makeover will test your fashion sense while you solve puzzles, encounter quirky characters, and navigate dramatic scenarios. Enjoy this innovative match-3 game and bring your unique flair to the world of Project Makeover.

How to Setup Project Makeover on

Now that you have a general idea of what Project Makeover is, it’s now time to dive into how you can play on your browser using

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar on top, type Project Makeover or go directly to the Project Makeover page
  3. Click the ‘Play in Browser’ button.

Wait for the game to load and you’re ready to play Project Makeover on

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Your device doesn’t matter provides users with equal graphical experience across mobile devices, PCs, and consoles. By simply clicking on the Project Makeover link, players can access a streaming page for the game. 

Save Storage Space is compatible with all devices. This eliminates the need to download and install Project Makeover, providing a full gaming experience without taking up storage space, except for games not available on the cloud service. Additionally, users won’t compromise on visual quality when using mobile devices or emulators, as the graphics remain virtually unchanged. With, users can enjoy Project Makeover without sacrificing storage or settling for inferior visuals, making it a convenient and immersive gaming solution across various platforms.

Mitigate the Mobile Issues addresses the challenges faced by mobile users by providing a lag-free gaming experience and granting access to the complete range of controls necessary for playing certain games and utilizing gears that were previously inaccessible on mobile devices without a keyboard.

With, mobile users can now enjoy games at their maximum resolution without concerns about overheating or significant battery drain over extended play sessions. Even users with mobile devices that are not officially supported by Project Makeover can still run and fully experience the game, thanks to the capabilities offered by

Play Project Makeover on and enjoy seamless streaming on the mobile cloud.